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Copy of Pobre Ana (English chapter summaries)

Spanish assignment

Funsized Hermanto

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pobre Ana (English chapter summaries)

The End Chapter 1 Blaine Ray Pobre Ana Ana is a girl with many problems. She has a mom, a dad, a brother, and a sister. She lives in Hermosa Beach, California. She has two friends named Elsa and Sara. They both have lots of money and they have no problems with their families. They also buy new clothes from Nike and Calvin Klein. The next day Ana, Susana, and Juana went to the gym. After that, they went to the park. Ana was hoping to check out some guys but not many people were there. So they went to the pool. Afterward, they went to the store. They were selling tortillas at the front. Then, they went to the bank so Ana could exchange money. Then, they bought tacos. She compared them to American tacos. Chapter 4 Three months later, Ana leaves for Mexico. When she arrives in Tepic, Nayarit, the Sanchez family was not there. But she meets a kind gentleman who helps her find her new home. There she meets the Sanchez family. They are a family of six with two sons and two daughters. Their names were Susana, Juana, Pablo, and Juan. Ana and the two girls enjoyed talking about boys and school. Ana likes Mexico. Chapter 3 Chapter 2 At school one day, Ana's Spanish teacher told her about an opportunity to go to Mexico. The student can go to Mexico for 3 months and live with a mexican family. Ana talked to her dad about going to Mexico. At first, he said no because he didn't have money. But when Ana told him he didn't have to pay, he was very happy and permitted her to go to Mexico. Chapter 5 Ana goes to the gym by herself and meets a girl named Patricia. Patricia invites her to her house. They become good friends. They talk for about two hours before Ana has to go back home. Pobre Ana Tepic, Nayarit Chapter 6 One night, Patricia and Ana go to a dance. Ana meets a boy named Ricardo. Ricardo teaches her to dance. They become good friends. When Ana complains to Ricardo about her family problems, he tells her that her problems are typical. Chapter 7 Ana returns to California the following morning. She says good bye to Patricia and Ricardo and thanks the Sanchez family. She hugs everyone before she leaves on a plane. When she arrives in California, she is welcomed back by family and friends. She is happy that she is home though she is sad because she is no longer in Mexico. Chapter 8 Back in California, Ana notices that her friends think too much about unimportant things such as cars and clothes. Ana doesn't think about those things anymore. Ana cares about things that are much more important like friends and family. One day she receives a letter from Ricardo. She writes back. Ricardo Perez
2420 Joseph St.
Tepic, Mexico 1234 Chapter 9 Now that she views the world differently, Ana no longer has problems. She has a great family. She has many friends, both in Mexico and the United States. She wants to help the less fortunate families of Mexico so she sponsors a dance with the help of a classmate named Paul. This was no ordinary dance. This was a special dance because the entrance fee was a clothes donation. The clothes they received were donated to schools in Mexico. The children of Tepic who were in need of clothes received the donations. Ana is excited because Patricia will be visiting this summer. And then she will visit Mexico the following summer. Ana smiles because life is perfect.
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