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Story Map

No description

deejaydot doodlebops

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Story Map

Journal of a Blood Sucker
Character Description: Morgan Tyler: A young vampire
who writes in a journal.
Morgan is a tall brunette,
with olive skin tone and brown
eyes.Age:17. Morgan also dates Quarter
back, Tyler Prince and is the head
cheerleader for her school team.

Travis Prince:Height:6'3. Age:17. Travis
has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and
olive skin tone. Travis has a twin brother
named Tyler. He has a crush on his brothers
girlfriend, Morgan. Travis is the schools star
soccer captain. Tyler Prince:Height:6'3. Age:17. He Has
Brown hair, olive-green eyes and an
olive skin tone. He dates head cheer-
leader, Morgan Tyler. Tyler is his schools star
quarter back and he also has a twin brother
named Travis Prince. Initial Problem:
The Prince brothers have to keep
their friend/girlfriends secret about
being a vampire, so that she can live a
normal life. Settings:
California Highschool,
Beverly Hills High. Morgan's
House. Tyler and Travis Princes
House. The Forest. 3 events leading up to Climax:
1.Her boyfriend finds out she's a vampire.
2.Her boyfriend tells his brother.
3.Brother threatens to expose her.
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