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Copy of Anubis the Egyptian god

No description

Harjun Gosal

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Anubis the Egyptian god

What did he create
He created mummification and embalming.
What time period did he live?
Anubis lived forever because he is a god so he is immortal.
What area did he rule in
What do people belief about him?
He is believed to be a member of the Ennead. The Ennead is the 9 original most important Egyptian gods. Also the messenger to Osiris
Why is Anubis important to Egyptians ?
He is important to the egyptians and they believed in him because the Egyptians worshiped 2 things the gods and the dead.Also he decided the fate of the dead.
Who is Anubis?
He is the god of Embalming, presides, mummification, and delivers souls to Osiris only if the soul is lighter than a feather. Then if it is heavier Than a feather the soul is destroyed. Also he is the protector of the dead.
Anubis the Egyptian god
What is important about Anubis?
He leads souls that are lighter than a feather to Osiris a chief god and the god of the underworld. If the soul is heavier it is destroyed.
What rituals did he perform?
He performed rituals to the dead and to chose the dead's fate.
He ruled in the underworld as a messenger to Osiris.Also a decider of fate for the dead.
How are they important
Anubis is important because he is the god that will chose your fate when you die.
What powers did Anubis have
he was the god of death akin to the grim reaper.Anubis was the god of the underworld untill he gave the power to Osiris.
how did they use their power
He used his powers to guide the dead to Osiris.
Where did Anubis get his look
He got his look Because a Jackal is representing embalming and mummification.
Where Did Anubis get his name
His name name was given to him by early Egyptian worshipers of the Egyptian pantheon Inpu in Egyptian There are a lot of different names for Anubis. Anubis is his name in English.
Who are Anubis's Parents, siblings/related to
H|is father is Set and his mother is Nephthys. Horus is his brother. Anput was is wife and Kebchet was his daughter.
Who worshiped Anubis
The people who worshiped him were the people that did the embalming because they would were a jackal to represent Anubis.
What is the story behind Anubis and his powers
Anubis got his powers because of his parents there powers combined and mixed to give Anubis his powers.
When was Anubis created
Anubis was created from the beginning0 of time because he is immortal.
Does Anubis have multiple powers
Yes he does have multiple powers because he has embalming and priests to mummification.
Thank you for listening
Ancient Egypt eyewitness book
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