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The last unicorn

No description

Bawan Deol

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of The last unicorn

The last unicorn
Chapter 13
Flow chart-summary
By:Bawandeep, Sukhamni, shameem and jabir
Schmendrick , Molly, Prince Lir, and the Unicorn go to the Red Bull.
Lady Amalthea does not want to change back into a unicorn. She loves prince lir and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.
He refuses to her because he wants to help save her people.
The red bull notices that the unicorn is disguised as a girl, which is Lady Amalthea.
Schmendrick changes her back into a unicorn and the red bull tries to drive her into the sea.
Prince Lir saves her but he dies. The unicorn fights and scares the bull into the sea and she frees her people.
The castle comes down so does king haggard.
Roles and character sketches

Prince Lir
Prince Lir is the adopted son of King Haggard. His personality is different from his step fathers. He is a heroic character who slays dragons, saves maiden and does others dangerous things. In chapter 13 Prince Lir is a courageous young man because he tries to save Lady Amalthea twice from the Red Bull. The first time the Red Bull didn't hurt him but the second time he killed Prince Lir. Prince Lir is kind hearted because even if he and Lady Amalthea loved each other and she refused to turn back into a unicorn; he told her to turn back into a unicorn and save her people. He could have just refused and lived happily ever after but, instead he helped her free her people and told her to do the right thing.

chapter 13
Kelly the unicorn and Lady Amalthea
Kelly the unicorn is a loyal creature because no matter what happened she still tried to save her kind. The Bull nearly pushed her into the sea but, she still never gave up instead she kept on trying. Kelly is also brave because even if she is afraid of the Red Bull; she still is helping the other unicorns. She is putting her life in risk for the other ones.
Lady Amalthea is a quiet and beautiful woman. Everybody loves her especially Prince Lir. She doesn't talk much to anyone except she talks to Prince Lir. To everyone else she only talks when there is something important to say. She is also afraid from the Red Bull.
Minor Character:
Main Character:
Lady Amalthea's role is to trick the Red Bull so he doesn't get the last unicorn. Her point is to get inside the castle without being caught so, she can save the rest of the unicorns.
Main Character:
Flow Chart-summary
Chapter 14
All the unicorns have escaped, but Kelly stays behind with Molly, Schmendrick and Prince Lir, who is dead. King Haggard’s castle is destroyed.
The unicorn revives Prince Lir using her horn and then leaves. Prince Lir is confused about whether or not he ended the curse, but Schmendrick explains to him that it was the unicorns. Schmendrick also crowns Prince Lir as King.
Four young men approach King Lir and he is astonished by their appearance, because they are the four old men from Chapter 10. They tell him they are young again because of Lady Amalthea (the unicorn)’s wish.
Schmendrick, Molly and King Lir travel on their horses to Hagsgate and along the way Molly notices that unicorns have passed over the land, because of its beautiful appearance. However, the town of Hagsgate itself is wrecked because of the stampede of the unicorns.
In Hagsgate, Drinn confronts King Lir and tells him that he is Lir’s father, but King Lir ignores him and rides away.
Schmendrick dreams about the unicorn and she tells him that she is the only unicorn that regrets her actions, but she is glad that her people have been returned to the world. Schmendrick awakes to discover that his comrades have also dreamt of the unicorn. Molly refuses to reveal what the unicorn told her in her dream and King Lir says that Kelly only looked at him without speaking.
Molly and Schmendrick pity Lir and the magician asks Molly what the unicorn told her. Molly once again refuses and Schmendrick decides he will ask the unicorn himself when he finds her, and so they set off on a new quest to find the unicorn.
They meet Princess Alison Jocelyn and she pleads with them to save her, but Schmendrick interrupts her and takes her to King Lir. While Molly, Schmendrick and the princess are riding, Molly and the magician sing a song.
Molly Grue is a mysterious woman. In this chapter she wishes for a happy ending.

Schmendrick is a helpful magician, who wants to be a full magician. He guides Kelly and Molly along the way throughout their journey. In this chapter he wants to get his full powers and change Kelly back to a unicorn. He does that and is mortal now. He is willing to take risks to help save Kelly and the other unicorns. He is a wise man because he turns Kelly into a human girl so, she can go into the castle disguised. Schmendrick is brave because anything or anyone dangerous they approach throughout their journey; he fights back.
The Red Bull is loyal to King Haggard. He does everything that King Haggard tells him to do. I would say he is in a way the kings royal servant.
He is cruel because he drove all the unicorns in the sea except for Kelly. But, was trying to drive her too.
The Red Bull knows that Lady Amalthea is a unicorn. He goes after her and fights her. His role is to get Kelly into the sea so, all the unicorns are captivated by King Haggard.
He symbolizes hate, fear, and power.
Roles and Sketches
Chapter 14

The Unicorn:
• Beautiful- "How beautiful you are," he said. "I never really told you." (pg. 287, 2nd line said by Schmendrick to Kelly, in his dream)
• Gentle-“Not a stone rattled down after her, not a bush tore out as she sprang up the cliff: she went as lightly as the shadow of a bird…”
Usually when an animal runs off, there is some sort of movement after it. Even though the unicorn is a fast runner (as mentioned in previous chapters), she manages to run very lightly and gently. (pg. 272 paragraph 2)
• Loyal /Caring- After all of the unicorns left, Kelly could’ve left as well, but she stayed behind because of her faithfulness to her companions. In addition, she could’ve chosen to let Prince Lir die, but she didn’t and instead she chose to resurrect him using her horn. She also optionally chose to touch him two times with her horn. (pg. 270-271)
• Deviant- Kelly is deviant because she differs from the rest of the unicorns. “I am not like the others now, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret, but I do.” (pg. 289, said by the unicorn to Schmendrick in his dream)

Molly Grue:
• Observant- “For, very slowly, spring was coming to the barren country that had been Haggard's. A stranger would not have noticed the change, but Molly could see that the withered earth was brightening with a greenness as shy as smoke.” The paragraph goes on to describe more things that Molly observes, supporting the fact that she is very observant. (pg. 278, paragraph 2)
• Mysterious- Molly is a very mysterious person because when King Lir asks Molly about her dream about the unicorn, she refuses to tell him, as if she is keeping a great secret. There is more to Molly than it seems, she appears to have some sort of backstory. "I'll never tell," she said, a little frightened, but flushing oddly. "I remember, but I'll never tell anyone, if I die for it -- not even you, my lord." (pg. 290, paragraph 6)
• Beautiful- (later on in the book) “But Molly Grue only laughed and shook her head till her hair came down and she was more beautiful than the Lady Amalthea.” (pg.291, paragraph 4)

Main Character:
Main Character

Character Sketches:
King Lir: King Lir is kind because instead of building own castle immediately, he makes the townspeople his first priority. He is also devoted because he says that he only wants to be with Lady Amalthea and not a princess. Finally, Lir is understanding because when instead of chasing after Kelly, he let Schmendrick talk him out of it.

Schmendrick: Schmendrick is cunning because instead of telling King Lir what Kelly told him in his dream, he says he didn't talk about important things and that he rarely remembers his dreams. He is also caring because he sends King Lir princesses to keep him company. Finally, Schmendrick is a real magician because he turned Lady Amalthea back into a unicorn.

Character Roles:

Drinn: Drinn, the father of King Lir, reveals that he is the son that he abandoned under the bridge. After having knowledge that Lir has become the king, he proceeds to make King Lir believe that he set up all of this in hope that Lir would acknowledge him, which he didn't.

Discussion Question:
Do you think that Molly has a stronger connection with the unicorn than Schmendrick? Why or why not? Support your answer.
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