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Academic Vocab

No description

Brandan Cole

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of Academic Vocab

Print advertisement designed to resemble an actual: often featured as a supplement in magazines and newspaper; can be deceptive if the reader doesn't notice the disclaimer labeling the material as an advertisement
add logo
Series of related ads with a similar theme and message. Appearing in a variety of media over a set period of time.
Banner Ads
promotional message that appears at the top or side of a Web site; other Internet ads include pop-ups, buttons, flashers, and product Web sites
Large outdoor advertising sign, placed along highways or on buildings.
Academic Vocab
By: Brandan Cole
Extended TV, Video, or video, or radio ad; usually includes demonstrations testimonials, and other detailed product information
Print ad
Promotion in a magazine or newspaper; features graphics, images,illustrations, graphic design, and text to convey a clear message and appeal to consumers.
The commercial processes of promoting selling and distributing a product or service; involves packaging, as well as price, promotions, advertising, and distribution.
Political ad
Message promoting a candidate or campaign, broadcast on radio or TV, or printed.
Advertising campaign
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