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How to take notes in class like a Winner

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Benjamin Goodwin

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of How to take notes in class like a Winner

How to take notes
like a

There are as many ways to take notes as there are to skin a cat.
Actually that's not true at all. There's really only 2 or 3 ways to skin a cat, but there are tons of different ways to take notes.
Bad notes are a terrible thing, because they waste your time and leave you with nothing. They're almost worse than no notes at all.... almost.
Organizational Tips
The organization of your notes determines if you can use them easily and quickly, so the following tips should help you with that.
Don't keep all your classes notes in one place, keep separate notebooks, sections, or files
The bigger the better, taking notes on a phone or tablet may seem convenient at the time, but it really cuts down your space
Label each entry with the date and the topic of the class or presentation
Take your notes in a outline form, using headings and subheadings to separate your notes so that you can easily find specific info
Leave blank space as you go, both to avoid cluttered notes and so that you can go back and fill in information later
Content Tips
Just as important as the right set up is making the right decisions about what exactly should go in your notes. These tips are aimed at helping you to answer that question.
Never write down everything your teacher says or every word of a presentation.
nstead, focus on the main ideas, arguments, and supporting facts/examples
Know if your teacher posts notes or presentations online. If so, focus on writing down the extra points and information they add in
If you have a question or confusion, write it down to ask or look up later
Note any words or terms you don't know
Watch out for summaries at the beginning or end of a class or presentation.
Active listening is essential. You should rotate between listening and summarizing what was said.
Advanced Note-Taking Tips
Already mastered the basics and looking to earn your note-taking black-belt? Here are some advanced tips for the brave-of-heart.
Use abbreviations and symbols to cut down on how much you have to write, but keep them clear and consistent
Don't stop taking notes after the lecture, including class discussions makes sure you capture everything that might be useful
Try several different ways of taking notes both Manually and Digitally to find them method that works best for you
At your own risk, experiment with different color pens or text
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