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digital leaders

No description

Holly Potter

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of digital leaders

. . Digital Leaders If you are interested in becoming a digital leader visit Mr Jennings who will interview you and assess your abilities with technology. And Finally... We would like to thank you for watching our
presentation and we hope you understand much
more about Digital Leaders than you did before! . Plans for the future We want to get involved with other schools to make the school better, we have already been talking to Kirton Primary about getting involved with them.

Expanding the group to make the technology knowledge of the school better is one of our goals! Where you can find us Introduction Who we are and what we do! Who we all are:
* Holly Potter
* Monica Salvatierra
* George Bray
* Jordan Chappill
* Jacob Walukiewicz
* Sam Ivory
* Stefani Salvatierra
* Lauren Page
* Jamie Perry
* Chloe Spicer
* Lauren Spicer
* Katie Bindon
* Lexie Farrow What is a Digital Leader? A digital leader is someone that is experienced with technology and can help you with things that you cannot use or are struggling to work. We do not only help pupils, but we also help teachers and parents too. If anyone is unsure of how to use gadgets we are here to help! How you can recognize us...

You can recognize us around school by our Digital Leaders badges. This is what they look like; Each of us are experienced at different things, some of us can help with everything whereas some of us are good at a specialist topics or technology. We will always help as much as we can with any problems you have with technology! We will try out the new software and other things to see if they are good enough for the school to use. You can find us all around school at any time.

You can also find us in ict 2 at lunch time. Drop in sessions At lunch time we are holding a drop in session.

If you have a problem or are stuck with homework come and visit us and we will try our best to help you out. The club will be held in
ict 2 at lunch time. Want to become a digital leader? We are all ears! We are open to suggestions, constructive criticism, new ideas, plans and people.

If you think of any new software, technology or devices that could benefit the school come and tell us.
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