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6 word mermor

No description

Paola Corsino

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of 6 word mermor

My 6 word Mermiors Paola Corsino I lose myself in music
Music helps me escape and forget my past.My love of music started in a warm September in 2008.I was 8 years old and in 3rd grade at a new school called Elkin Elementary.The first day of school was okay. Then, like around the beginning of November, things started to fall apart.There was a boy named Nick who would always start problems.First, we would argue and then we would fight.Besides having to fight with a boy everyday, other things would annoy me ,such as that every time we would fight nobody would ever stop the fight, not even the teacher. Another thing that annoyed me was that I would never learn because he would interrupt the teacher.One day, Nick was bothering a friend of mine and ended up taking her pink bookbag and then I stood up and told him "give the bookbag back"and he said"NO".I asked him one more time and he came closer and pushed me to a white board and I pushed him back. It turned into a fight.Then, we grabbed each others shirts and started punching each other.Finally, I punched him in the lip and he was non-stop bleeding. Meanwhile, I had not even a single scatch.He had to go to the nurse but before he left he said that " the only reason that I fought you was because I liked you"and he said something else. .As soon as he left, I burst into tears because I was angry.Afterwords, he was suspended for a week or two.When he came back to school ,we never talked to each other and his friends hated me.After that,I turned on music and it calmed me down .Then, at the end of the school year ,my parents changed me to a new school called Pan American. When I went to Pan American, I wanted to forget about that horrible year but couldn't.Then, I started to get into music. I would sometimes hear it once a week but as soon as I realized that music made me feel happy and helped me forget about my past, I listened to it every single day.Also, music helps me to calm down and not worry about my future.I think listening to music would help me go to the right path in the future. I try to stop but can't

Everyone has a habitat mine's is biting my nails. I have been biting me nails since the age of seven or eight.It started when I saw a friend biting her nails and I ask her why are you biting your nails she said because it calms me down when I am stress or nervous. I tried it because I had always been a nervous person because I'm scaried of things or just because i keep emotion insides and it sometimes turns into stress.So then I was less nervous or stress .In addition because I am a nervous person I bite my nails till it hurt to write. One day my parents saw me me biting my nails and they said Paola stop biting your nails . I said why they said because it can bring germs into your mouth,mess up your teeth and can mess up tour nails .After that day I tried to stop biting they but couldn't. Sometimes when I tried some how I end up putting my nails in my mouth like as if I was possess.I just wish i would stop biting them.In the future I hope I can stop biting my nails and find something else to calm my stress. When mind is tangle I write Some people trust other people with their secrets or feelings but I don’t. I let out my feelings by writing in my journal. I never trusted my feelings or secrets with nobody because I that things are better for me if I don’t tell anyone my feelings .In addition that I think this way is because I don’t have to worry about if my secrets or feeling going around. When I was smaller I used to think that writing in a journal was girly, boring and it was dumb, but in 7th grade everything changed.I started writing when two girls name Irela and Sabrina started writing in a yearbook to remember thing. At first, I wrote about shows, my favorite stuff etc. Then one day I was mad and I was still at school so I got my journal and started to write and it just cleared my thoughts and it calmed me down. After this day I started writing in a journal. Dedication I dedicated this to my family and friends for being there when I need them
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