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Lamaze Childbirth Classes

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Alex Isaac

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of Lamaze Childbirth Classes

Thank You!
Lamaze is a method of childbirth, involving controlled breathing and exercising techniques to cope with pain without using drugs in labour.
The Advantages and Disadvantages
supports natural childbirth without using drugs
Helps women cope with anxiety and fear
Involves partners to be apart of the birth, and support the women
It is not possible to eliminate the pain
The effect of the pain is minimal
Needs lots of patience
Classes are costly
Lamaze Childbirth Classes
What to Expect in a Lamaze Course?
Normal labour and birth (using videos of real births)
How to be active and informed participants during the birth
Focused breathing techniques for labour
Other relaxation techniques and natural strategies to help you work with labour pain, such as massage, walking, position changes, and hydrotherapy
Tips to help your partner encourage and support you during labour
The value of one-on-one professional support during labour
How to communicate with your healthcare team so your needs are met
Complications that could arise during labour and birth, and interventions that might be medically necessary
Epidurals and other options for managing pain with medication
Early interaction with your baby
Lamaze method is more than just breathing. It strives to help women through the natural birth process. In the seventh month, its tim to start, there are roughly 12 hours of study that spread over two hous per class for 4 to 6 weeks.
Different Classes
Women-only Classes:
When women do not want to take their partner to a parental class. Single women or whose partners are away my finthese classes useful. They can discuss the opportunities that my not be covered during different classes.
Couples Classes:
Usually first time parents to help the partners get involved in the labour and birth.
Refresher Classes:
These classes are for women who has already had children. This gives mothers the experience of birth and get updated on new material.
Hospitial Classes:
This class gives parents a chance to become fimiliar with the layout and find out how things are done.
Parental Yoga Classes:
Teaches exercises that can help you prepare for labour
Hypnobirthing Classes:
Teaches a combination of self-hypnosis techniques, relaxation, and breathing techniques, to explain how your body works in labour.

When to Start Lamaze Classes?
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