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The Visitor

No description

hata yuen

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of The Visitor

The Visitor
By: Christine Pinsent-Johnson

What Happened
Initial Conflict
The main conflict in this short story was the moose that wandered into the town destroying plants, flowers, and gardens. Citizens were complaining about the moose (Spruce) roaming through town making problems for the people. (Ex. He'll be brain injured if he don't quit eating my flowers. Sure, last week I found all my tulips stripped bare. I woulda' got my shotgun and killed him right then and there if I'd caught him".) These example show how much anger the people of Copelin have for this moose. They wanted this animal out of town as soon as possible or they will kill it.
Rising Action
The town mayor decided to call a town meeting referring to the moose incident. The citizens in the town have countered many problems in the past with Spruce. Some people want to kill Spruce and use his leftovers for food and clothing but others wish to leave him alone. Everyone starts to fight and argue about what to do with Spruce. Gram decides to speak up. He gets everyone's attention about the time they all left treats for Spruce for him to eat. Gram tries to make everyone focus on all the good times they had with Spruce. Gram really came out of his shell at the town meeting since he doesn't talk much.
In the small town of NewFoundLand, a young boy named Willy is watching the corrupted city he lives in slowly crumbling down.
A young boy named Willy attending Copelin High School is afraid to see his small town dying away little by little. Unlike his dad, Willy can't take it anymore and wants to leave Copelin to start a new life somewhere else with his parents. His father does not agree and believe that everyone has to do their best to rebuild Coplin. Conflict arises as the town soon encounters a curious moose wandering around the town.
The protagonist's parents are deciding to move out of the city and look for a better place for the family to live in. The city was too corrupted to live in and his parents didnt like that. There were stores like a movie theatre, restaurant, bowling alley, shoting range, swimming pool, playing fields, and a stadium. The protagonist soon encountered Spruce.
Falling Action
Since Gram made such a big impact on the topic about Spruce, everyone was having second thoughts on what they wanted to do with Spruce. People's perspectives changed after Grams big speech. With the help of Willy (son) Gram had the opportunity to say what he wanted to say without hiding what he thought was right.
The story ends with the law of allowing Spruce to roam free. The mayor and Gram formed the C.C.C (Citizens Coalition for Copelin). This helped get low interest loans form the government for buying homes. People also restructured the streets and potholes. Copelin will never be the same again.
Protagonist and Antagonist
Mrs. Purdy
Amanda Higgins
Uncle Spruce
Daisy Miller
Albert Smith
Dave Rideout (Mayor)
Fanny Reid
The moose represent hope in the city because it was not a wealthy town. Willy and his mother wanted to move out of their but his father did not agree. So when the moose arrived, it changed his fathers perspective of the town. He decided that everyone should stay and help this moose.
There is a lot of conflict in this story. For example: in the town hall with citizens arguing if Spruce should go, stay or die. Conflict between Willy and his father. Willy knows his father doesn't talk back and he is willing to help him grow that ability to do so.
Main Theme
The main theme in the story is family relationships because Gram and his son Willy did not have a good relationship at the start. Willy would talk back to his father and he would do nothing back. Grams wife even tried to convince Gram to do something when Willy snapped at him. This shows that Willy didn't have much respect for his own father.
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