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Chamber Theater:

No description

Eiynj Faur

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Chamber Theater:

What is Chamber Theater?
It is a method of adapting literary works to the stage using a maximal amount of the work’s original text and often minimal and suggestive settings.
The skills it develops:
creativity variety creation of vocal interpretation 
Prof. Robert S. Breen

Chamber Theater:
Teaching with Dramatized Experience

In chamber theater, narration is included in the performed text and the narration might be played by multiple actors
The uniqueness of chamber theater lies in the dual role of each member in the cast-as an actor/actress as well as narrator.
Each participant is thus an actor/actress-narrator. An actor/actress interacts with other characters yet retains the role of narrator (author) who summarizes, describes, and explains to an audience. 
Chamber theater has more realistic costuming and actual movement around the stage.
Readers part are typically memorized
Still is not complete stage acting and typically has pantomimed props rather than real ones
introduced “Chamber Theater” to his Oral Interpretation Classes at Northwestern University in 1947

use of sense memory
use of movement, gesture, posture, and facial expression
overall clarity and entertainment value of performance
A very effective way to instill in young children a deeper understanding of the elements of story: character development, plot, and fictional environments.
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