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Rhythm and Meter

No description

Alana Nelson

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Rhythm and Meter

Rhythm and Meter
Terms to KNOW
Rhythm: Ordering of music through time

Beat: Regular, recurring pulsation
The underlying pattern or grouping of beats
Duple Meter (Quadruple): One accented beat followed by an unaccented beat

Triple Meter: One accented beat followed by two unaccented beats
Listening Examples
A Few More Terms
Accent: a stressed note
Downbeat: First accented beat of a full metrical pattern
Anacrusis: any beat(s) before the first downbeat
Syncopation: a weak beat accented
Tempo: rate of speed
Ritardando: gradually slow down
Accelerando: gradually speed up
Counting Stars, Roar, D minor Quartet, Sonata 5, K282, Say Something, Eine Kleine, Royals, Blank Space, Take me to Church, All of Me, Lips are movin, Hallelujah, Almost is never enough, Rude, Wrong, Thinking out loud
Simple v. Compound Meter
Beat divisible by 2
Beat divisible by 3
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