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Sports Engineer

No description

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Sports Engineer

What Type of Work is Done
Current Salary
Working Conditions
Needed Education
Is There a Demand for this Job in the Future
Major Job Responsibilities
Sports engineers design, develop, and test sports equipment. The equipment goes through technological design and development based on current knowledge and understanding.
The education needed is electrical engineering, material science, medical physical, and pure physics
The current salary for a sports engineer is 59,000-65,000 dollars a year
Sports engineers work mostly indoors, in places like industries.
Yes and no because a lot of these engineers get laid off, but there's also a lot of talk about engineers being needed.
Designing equipment for the athletes, testing the equipment after preparing the final draft. Meeting the athletes to understand their specific requirements related to the sports equipment related to the sports equipment.
Sports Engineer
D'Sean Yateman-Foster
Matthew Hernandez
G.T.T Period 6
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