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Sooruj's Goals

No description

Sooruj Bhatia

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Sooruj's Goals

EQ: How can having a scientific approach help me be successful in learning? Modeling Learning Strategies Skit Mrs. Kline asked us to demonstrate how to apply learning styles
She assigned us a different learning style and asked us to do a skit Sooruj's Science Goals Summary Taking a scientific approach can help me better find the most effecient way to study
I found techniques of studying through research based on my learning style
It increased my score by an average of 5 points
Taking the scientific approach improved my scores

I am a tactile learner
I learn by touching or fiddling with things
I learn best with hands on activities such as models and experiments
My brain better retains information when i can feel it physically
Mrs. Kline asked us to model different learning strategies yo improve our test scores Sooruj's Goal's A Mrs. Klines 4th Period Student
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