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Presentation on Richard Branson

Richard Branson Leadership

jeannicolas mouretin

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Presentation on Richard Branson

“You can’t be a good leader unless you like your people and that is how you bring out the best in them” (Knowledge@Wharton, 2005) Situational Leadership II:

Supporting style

(Source: Dubrin, 2010) He left school at 16
and he created a newspaper Who Knows Virgin? This man is Richard Branson, the founder
of Virgin at 13, he created a plantation of fir
and a breeding of parakeet Virgin Records:
Mike Oldfield,
Sex Pistols,
Culture Club,
the Rolling Stones,
and Genesis Opening of 2 Music stores
1970-1973 1985 Creation of Virgin Atlantic Virgin Holidays 1984 Virgin Records
America 1987 Virgin Express 1996 Virgin one 1997 1997- Virgin most important company, and the most profitable (£ 123m. in 2009)

"A cheeky enterpreneur who has battled the mighty monopoly of British Airways" 25 years promotion video Virgin Megastore Virgin trains Virgin Mobile 1999 2007 Virgin Galactic Virgin Earth 2000 Virgin Money 2010 Diversification Media:
Games Transportation:
Trains Food and Drinks Financial Services Innovated projected Net Worth:$4.0 bil
According to Forbes
#212 Just do it! Have fun Live for the moment Challenge Yourself ! Philosophy
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