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What Does Congress Do?

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Shiela Bishop

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of What Does Congress Do?

Our CACS Roadmap
H-SS 12.4 Students analyze the unique roles and responsibilities of three branches of government as established by the U.S. Constitution.
Some Questions We Might Want to Ask
What are the major functions of Congress?
What are some of the actions that Congress takes?
What document might be needed to carry out a specific function?
Where would I find copies of Congressional documents?

Let's Get Physical About Our Learning!

Numbered Corners
One for Each Function
Group One - North Corner, Two - West Corner, Three -South Corner, Four - East Corner
Push Desks Together in Groups
Each Group Needs 1 Secretary to Write on the Graphic Organizer, One Typist to search the National Archives Website, everyone gets an envelope with random documents I have selected
Read, research, share, and fill in organizer together.
You have 17 Minutes
What Do We Want to Know?
Primary Source Documents
Find Congressional documents at: National Archives Website: www.nara.gov

Senate Bills, Congressional Acts, Presidential Nominations, Congressional Records, Congressional Oaths, correspondence, House Resolutions, Reports, and more

Vocab/Journal Words
Don't forget to pick up the full list w/definitions in our Google Class tonight!
What Do We Know?
What Does Congress Do?
Recall: The U.S. Constitution
First 3 Articles establishes branches of government
Article I - Executive (Last Week)
Article II - Legislative
Article III - Judiciary (coming soon)
Congress in Pictures
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