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Dat Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Serena be feelin' strong about dis topic and loves South Korea.

Serena Comeau

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Dat Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Plastic Surgery South Korea needs to add more of a variety of different face shapes, different skin tones, and different body types to there media. Why do Koreans feel the need to get Plastic Surgery? Why specifically South Korea? They have the highest ratio of cosmetic surgeons to citizens worldwide. Media in Korea What are the Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures? Korean Parents One in five women in South Korea get plastic surgery Majority of Koreans believe to be successful in life they must be good looking. There are quite a lot of cases when someone who is more good looking than yourself will land a job, even though you fit all the requirements for the job itself. They also believe that it's more important to be good looking, rather than having a good personality. You could be a horrible person, but since you're pretty it wouldn't matter. Koreans are very shallow and straightforward when it comes to looks. They'll tell you if they find you ugly, or fat. They put looks on top of everything. In Order to Change In South Korea The media in Korean plays a HUGE impacted as to why so many Koreans get plastic surgery. Most Korean Pop artists, as well as T.V hosts and actors/actress get Plastic Surgery. It's not the biggest shock when they announced that one has had plastic surgery. The girls used in advertisements almost always look generally the same, because of what they believe is beautiful. Being surrounded by the media, all you see is the same face shape, huge eyes, and nose shape, it's no wonder they'd get plastic surgery. About a third of the clients getting surgery are male. Their obsession with beauty What are the Korean Beauty Standards? High nose bridge
V-line (Face)
Small Face
Pale, white, fair skin
Long legs
Big eyes. Double eyelids
Small, thin lips Jawline & Cheekbone Surgery Helps create more of a v-line face shape Of course the people themselves should not value beauty at such a high standard Rhinoplasty Korean mother's will often judge their own children's beauty. They encourage their daughters and sons to get plastic surgery and it's becomes more popular for Korean parents to buy plastic surgery for their children as a graduation gift. Nose Surgery Blepharoplasty Creates a double eyelid Liposuction Commonly done to remove fat from thighs/legs. Korean Society & Thoughts
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