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Detection and Analysis of Software Clones: A Management Pers

No description

Fahim Z

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Detection and Analysis of Software Clones: A Management Pers

Detection and Analysis of Software Clones: A Management Perspective
Positive and negative impacts
Clones are reality
Research Problem
Ph.D. Thesis Proposal
Candidate: Minhaz Fahim Zibran
Supervisor: Chanchal K. Roy

Type-1 Clone
Type-2 Clone
Type-3 Clone
Code Clone
Impacts of Clone
Positive Impacts
Code reuse
Negative Impacts
Code inflation
Software defects
Bug propagation
Maintenance effort
Clone Detection
IDE Integration
Data Overflow
Detection of
Type-3 Clones
Clone Analysis
Clone evolution
Type-3 clones
Clone Removal
Which clones are to be dealt with first?
Proposed Work
Type-3 Clone
Integrated Clone Detection
Detection Technque
Tool Evaluation
Comparison with NiCad
Mutation framework
User study
Clone Analysis
Type-1, Type-2, and Type-3 clones
Forecasting using regression analysis
Influencing factors (e.g., language, size)
Evolution pattern
Study Design
Scheduling Clone Refactoring
Effort Model
Wide variety of constraints
order dependency
mutual inclusion/exclusion
Constraint programming
Empirical Evaluation
User study
Comparison with
Manual approach
Integer Linear Programming
Genetic Algorithm
CSOP Mathematical Model
Integrated clone search tool
study on clone evolution
First effort model for clone refactoring
Novel approach for refactoring scheduling
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M. Zibran and C. Roy. "Flexible Code Clone Detection and Management in IDE". In CASCON'2010 (poster), Canada, 2010.
Thank You !
Clones need to be
Kept in control
"Clone management summarizes all process activities which are targeted at detecting, avoiding or removing clones"
[Giesecke DRSS'2007]
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Milestones and Status
Literature review ----------------------------------------- complete
Clone analysis --------------------------------------------- complete
Integrated clone search tool ----------------------------
in progress
Refactoring effort estimation and scheduling -------- complete
Proposal for dissertation research ---------------------
in progress
Thesis writing --------------------------------------------- to begin
Thesis defense --------------------------------------------- to schedule
[Zibran and Roy, SAC'2012]
[Zibran et al., ICECCS'2011]
[Zibran and Roy, ICPC'2011]
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