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Keeping the Holidays Healthy

Enjoy the holiday season without the unwanted weight gain

Katie Swanson

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Keeping the Holidays Healthy

Keeping the Holidays Healthy Avoid the Unwanted Weight Gain This Holiday Season! Objectives * Participants will be able to avoid excess energy intake by making healthy choices during the holiday season
* Participants will be able to apply alternative cooking/preparation methods to traditional holiday dishes
* Participants will be able to demonstrate healthy stress and exercise techniques The "Tradition" in Traditional Holiday Celebration Community
Family Bonds
Common Identity Tradition British Customs
Candy Canes
Plum Pudding What Does Tradition Mean to You? Traditional Treats Vs. Lean Eats Turing the unhealthy holiday favorites into guilt-free treats! Traditional Treat: Leaner Eat: Creamy dips, savory finger foods, fried snacks at office parties Small amount of nuts, reduced-fat cheese, fresh fruit, vegetable platter, chilled shrimp Traditional Treat Leaner Eat Dark turkey meat smothered in gravy The white meat, without skin, with just a little gravy! Traditional Treat Leaner Eat Mashed potatoes, with butter and salt Vitamin-rich sweet potatoes with a dash of cooking spray and cinnamon, baked at 450 for 30 minutes Traditional Treat Leaner Eat Corn bread stuffing cooked inside the turkey Wild rice stuffing, baked separately from turkey to avoid soaking up the fat! Traditional Treat Leaner Eat Pecan pie, full of corn syrup, butter, and 800 calories per slice Either a very small piece, or switch to pumpkin pie or chocolate-dipped strawberries When the Food is Out of Your Control What Will the Situation Look Like? Parties, office celebrations, dining out, potlucks
May include drinking, buffets, finger foods, pre-plated meals
Other Why Your Pant Size May be at Risk Unknown amount and type of ingredient
Peer pressure
Favorite treats are at finger tips
Fun & festive drinks and treats
Inhibitions, worry, and guard is down Tips to avoid overindulging at a social gathering Preparing for the Party Acknowledge road blocks and problem areas
Find a buddy
Eat a snack before you go filled with fiber, protein, and veggies to satisfy your hunger Around the Buffet Table Stick with vegetables, fruit, shrimp, chicken, crackers
Avoid cakes, cookies, creamy dips
Pick your FAVORITE treat and only have a small portion
Do not stand next to buffet table
Be aware of beverages
Hold onto a glass, purse, or small plate The Dinner Table Load plate with lots of vegetables and fruit to limit space
Limit eating gravies and creamy dishes- only take a little
Trade white rolls for wheat, or just have one
Know the difference between satisfied and stuffed
"Limit" is the key word- enjoy the meal, but no need to overindulge Typical Feelings During the Party Everyone else is eating the treats
It is just "one more cookie" Typical Feelings After Overindulging Regret, remorse, self-disappointment
The healthy holiday eating is a failure Do not dwell on the negatives! Know your limits and be aware of hunger and fullness cues! Cooking Demo What About Drinks? Watching those hidden calories in our favorite beverages Many Drinks are High in Calories Like... Alcohol (which can lessen inhibitions and promote overeating)
Hot Buttered Rum
Lattes How to have your drink and enjoy it, too! How to Lower Intake Start with a calorie and alcohol free choice like water
Pay attention to portion sizes and try a smaller size
Pick a lower calorie drink like apple cider, sparkling water, juice
Use skim milk and "hold the whip" with coffee drinks
For a little alcohol, try wine or non flavored champagne
Download the application BarSlender to know the latest "skinny" drinks
Drink a full glass of water between drinks
Try sugar free mixers like diet soda or crystal light How to Make Your Own Low-Calorie and Tasty Drink! Stress and the Holidays Stress Can Trigger Many Diet-Related Problems Emotional eating
Overindulging at meals
Excess weight gain
Overall "un-cheery" mood More than 80% of people feel stressed during the holidays.... So you are not alone! Reasons for Stress Going to parties, relatives', or activities
Spending too much money
Undesired weight gain
Spending time with extended family
Seasonal Affect disorder How to Combat Stress During the Holidays All things in moderation
Be realistic
Balance social time with alone time
Keep a list of priorities
Make a budget
Take short cuts
Breathe! Don't Forget to Exercise! Exercise can help manage stress and prevent the unwanted weight gain! Getting that Exercise In Schedule time for exercise
Exercise can offset excess hunger and eating
Try a 10-15 brisk walk twice a day
Plan an outdoor activity Keeping the Stress at Bay! Shelby Chandler
Renell Cronk
Katie Swanson vs sweet potatoes mashed potatoes Did you know? Guess how many calories are in favorite party dishes! So Remember.... Make small changes to lower calories
Stick to tips and tricks at parties
Don't forget about calories in drinks
Get some exercise in Enjoy the holiday season because 'tis the season to be merry! Questions? Thank you for coming to Keeping the Holidays Healthy But Most Importantly.... 40
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