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No description

Lauryn Albold

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of T.U.R.R.N

Breaking through societies confines
Individuals can transcend above social norms
Individuals improving their status of life
View of America in an "romantic light"
Art Movement (literature, philosophy, paintings, etc. )
Separate America's artistic culture from Europe
Extreme Patriotism
Belief that America was exceptional compared to others
By: Lauryn Albold
W omens Rights Movement

Prison Reform Movement

Seneca Falls
Declaration of Sentiments
Susan B Anthony
Idea that all people in a society can be the same status
Wealth and labor is shared
Example of early Communism
Created "asylums for criminals and the mentally ill
Many prisons were improved
Rejection of the ideas of predestination, Catholicism, and Calvinism
Belief in every individual capable of Salvation
Temperance Movement

Alcohol seen as responsible for crime
Feud between Protestants and Catholics
Society for the Promotion of Temperance
abolitionist Movement

Organization in opposition to slavery
Led mostly by women
William Lloyd Garrison
Education Reform Movement

Universal public education
Belief in innate capacity of every person
Horace Mann
Medical Reform Movement

Advances in Medicine
Small Pox Vaccine
Contagion (cleaning hands and tools)
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