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Stranger Things Have Hapenned

No description

Vale Vera Vélez

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Stranger Things Have Hapenned

Quetta is a large town and very pretty. High mountains, which are covered with snow for most of the year, make a ring round it.
* Chriss decides to return to England.

* He had a dream

Chapter 1
Chapter 3
* wild horses - race horse

* " We've all tried to ride him", Dickie

* Jodi flew through the air and fell heavily on the ground

* She was laughing

Jodi flew through the air and fell heavily on the ground
Chapter 2
* Dickie and Alan

* Jodi, Alan's cousin

* Jodi stayed with them through all the dangers.
by Susan Bennett
Stranger Things Have Happened
Chapter 4
* He left the town

* Thought about getting married

* Emily, Sally and Anne
Chapter 5 - Sally
"She's pretty an a nice companion, but a girls who likes furs, expensive cars, the most expensive restaurants and weekends in Majorca won't be the right wife for you"
Chapter 6 - Emily
"Suddenly, I knew that I couldn't marry Emily... I imagine myself in the future paying a lot of bills for drinks and meals in cafés for crowds of people"
Chapter 7 - Anne
"You're going to be a good farmer's wife and win a lot of prizes at horse - shows."
Chapter 8
* Josephine Wells Jodi

* "Will you think about marry me?"
Chapter 9
"Stranger things have happened and no one can explain how or why the happen".

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