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Streaming Video in the Classroom

No description

Sheila Owens

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Streaming Video in the Classroom

Streaming Video in the Classroom
A quick tutorial
What is streaming video?
Streaming video is video that is being received in real time over the Internet.
Benefits of Streaming Video
1. More options! Sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Discovery Streaming, Safari Montage and others offer a wealth of information that is available on demand.

2. You don't have to try and locate the physical materials or worry about changing formats (e.g. VHS, DVD, Blu-ray) or managing/storing the materials.
Potential Issues with Streaming Video
(and the Solutions)
1. Poor Internet connections can make streaming a video almost impossible.
(Download the content ahead of time if possible)

2. If you want to show the video to a classroom, you may need specialized equipment such as an LCD projector or big screen television with proper cabling.
(Ensure you have the proper equipment ahead of time.)
More Potential Issues
3. With such a wide variety of video choices, care must be taken to make sure the content is appropriate for the audience.
(Preview the material if possible and don't forget to get permission from administration and parents.)

4. Some video-hosting services such as Discovery Streaming allow you to download the content and save it to your computer rather than stream it--if you choose to do this, pay attention to the file size so that it does not crash your computer.
(Prepare ahead to allow enough time for the files to download.)
Why use video in the classroom at all?
Engages students
Helps teach to different learning styles
Enhances curriculum
If used correctly, video can enhance the lesson or presentation and make it more interesting and memorable.
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