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Problem/Opportunity Metabical

Pricing, Packaging, and Demand Forecasting for a New Weight-Loss Drug

Allen Luong

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Problem/Opportunity Metabical

M E T A B I C A L Julia & The Allens

Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) has developed Metabical, the first FDA-approved weight loss drug targeting overweight individuals with a BMI≤30. Marketing director, Barbara Printup, is tasked with creating a successful forecasting, pricing, and packaging strategy that will yield a minimum of 5% ROI in the first 5 years Metabical goes on the market.
Overweight & Obesity
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Who is overweight?
Who is obese?
Current Solutions In The Market Today
Packaging & Pricing
What offering of price and packaging will yield desired results?
Additional costs to consider:
$23 million marketing
$400 million R&D
Not covered by insurance
Demand Forecasting
Unit sales at the end of year 5?

60%/20% Repurchase
Why Metabical?
The next generation safe weight loss drug
Rollin' In The $$$?
The Right Mix
Invested Capital
$400 Million R&D
$23 Million Marketing Budget
10 Years of Developement
Packaging Size
How should CSP package their product?
How much should CSP charge for the drug?
Blister Style
4 week supply?
12 week supply?
Retail/Wholesale Pricing


What are CSP's competitors doing?
Forecast 1
People within BMI range 25-30, actively trying to lose weight & comfortable with weight loss drug.

10%(30% by 5yr)
Forecast 2
People within BMI range 25-30, who would immediately go to healthcare provider for Metabical.

10%(Incr 5%/yr)
Forecast 3
Educated Females, 35-65 of age with BMIs between 25 and 30.

Health Risks
Heart Disease
High blood pressure
Type II Diabetes
Gallbladder disease
Increase risk of death
2008: 65% of U.S. Adults
(Population 230 Million)

Cost of Obesity (AHA Report)
OTC Remedies
Points of Difference
FDA Approved
Medical Community Endorsement
Fewer side affects
Once a day
Dual layered controlled release
Target Market
25-30 BMI
Actively trying to lose weight
Comfortable with using drugs to lose weight
Predominately females 35-65, college educated
Wanting to lose 10-30lbs
Retail Price
+ Packaging
+ Forecast
4 week supply
Forecast 1
Conservative forecast

ROI: 5%

Goes shopping for a jet

Sets legacy for CSP and many more profitable years with 5 years left on patent

Rises to stardom in marketing world

Becomes CMO for healthcare.gov
History of CSP
Annual Sales
Over $25 Billion
Immune Deficiences
New Markets
Weight Loss:
$3.74 billion Market
Serious side affects
BMI ≥ 30
Prescription weight-loss drugs
Over-the-counter (OTC) remedies
Other Options
Potential side effects unknown
Lack of stringent testing by FDA
High profile example
Other Options
Diet Plans
Exercise Plans
Meal Replacement
Weight management support
Pre-portioned packaged food delivery
Barbara Printup
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