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Basinger - Executive Branch


Matt Basinger

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Basinger - Executive Branch

Electoral College
US Representatives + US Senators =
Electoral Votes
MO = 10 votes
DC = 3 votes
Gets votes even though they don't have senators or reps.
Electoral College
"Winner Takes All"
Electoral votes are awarded
based on popular votes
Example: If you win 3/4 of popular
votes you get 3/4 of electoral vote
Whoever wins the popular vote
gets all of the electoral votes
Could lead to someone winning the
popular vote but losing the election
Roles of the President
Commander in Chief
Chief Executive
Chief Diplomat
Economic Planner
Party Leader
Legislative Leader
Head of State
Constitutional Powers
appoint judges
grants pardons and amnesty
conducts foreign policy
propose legislation
protect the nation's security
Informal Powers
Times of Emergency
Mandate - extreme popular
support of the people
Civil War
What if?
No one gets 270
electoral votes to win?
There is a tie
in electoral votes?
Goes to the House of Representatives
natural born citizen
35 years old
resident of US for 14 years
group of advisors for the President
has to be approved by the Senate
prepare a budget
Primary System
Closed - only members of the political party can choose the candidates
Open - anyone can vote regardless of political party
1. Review the 3 former Presidents given to you

2. Each person votes on who they want.

3. Using the information, choose one to represent
your group (political party).

4. Announce the decision to the class.

5. Make an informational sheet to post on the
bulletin board for other classes to cast their votes.

6. Construct at least 1 speech detailing why your president is the most influential.

Vote = March 30th
executive orders
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