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s p

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of jamacia

jamacia by shiloh palmer major bodies of water carribean sea Atlantic Ocean they speak English and Creole their government is a democracy thier country is in South America thier capital is Kingston one challange is the water because the island can flood this is interesting to me because its a small island three products they produce is bannas, aluminum, and sugar cane they play musicon steel drumbs the area of the country is 4,243sq. miles long thats 10,989 kilometers long the population of Jamacia is 2,600,00 the boardering countrys are Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and South America two cities close to Jamacia are Santo Damingo, and Holquin the latitude is 18 degrees north and the longitude is 78 degrees west here is a picture of thier flag thnx
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