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Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen

No description

Esmeralda Hernandez

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen

Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen
What is Poverty?
Definition of Poverty:
a chronic and debilitating condition that results from multiple adverse synergistic risk factors and affects the mind, body, and soul

6 Types of Poverty
What is the Effect of Poverty on the Brain?
The Brain of a young child in poverty
Cognitive Lags
Operating System
Factors that affect brain development
Effects of Stress on the Brain
What can WE do?
Change your mind-set!
Meet Jenna's Story
What are your thoughts about Jenna's situation?
How has Jenna's attitude changed?
What has been Jenna's most important realization?
"The first prerequisite to change is your belief in it - and your willingness change yourself first" - Jensen
The Enrichment Mind-Set
Building strong relationships with your students
Standards-Based Curriculum and Instruction
Hope Building
Arts, Athletics, and Advanced Placement
Retooling of the Operating System
Basic Needs
Engaging Instruction
Risk Factors for children in poverty
Emotional and Social Changes
Acute and Chronic Stressors
Cognitive Lags
Health and Safety Issues
Discuss a take-away point as a table
"Neurobiological studies have shown considerable alterations in the brain development of neglected or abused children" - Jensen
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