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ancient rome

about rome

autumn cropper

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of ancient rome

Ancient Rome Founding myths rome was fond by twin brothers they were rtaised by wolfs they fought each other one of there names were romulus the other brother is named ramuse Geography rome was built on a penninsula , just like greece it was formed on the tiber river the alps mountains parted rome from europe the tiber river is 250 miles long the penninsula has less rugged mountains the tiber river flows throughan area of low hills Growth of the city rome was in tiny villages the villages became one because it started to grow in 600 B.C.E the population started to increase about 80,000 people. origins of rome romulus and ramuse had a war and romulas won romes location played a role in its growth poor get more powerful republic is a government in which citizens have the right ti vote and elect officals patricians represented the upperclass of roman society Tribune the top of the plebeian assembly were called tribune represented the upper class of roman society patricians twelve tables republics first written law code plebians common poor people of rome consuls monarchy oligarchy senators tribune democracy assembly democracy The roman republic triportile government three part
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