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The Citadel Career Education Year in Review

No description

Page Tisdale

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of The Citadel Career Education Year in Review

Career Educator Reaches over 250 unsuspecting students
with subliminal career advice!
Citadel Alumnus and Employers
are EAGER to tap into the potential of future Citadel graduates !
Leadership Training Program
Resume Blitz - They didn't even know what hit them!
Results show a significant increase in: Use of Online Resources, Career Center Drop-in Traffic, Career Fair Attendance.

Wednesday, July 24th, 2014
Vol I, No. 1
Cit101 & CSI a success sources say
Cadets CAUGHT - Career Planning!
Career Center says they WANT MORE -
Students admit it! They really ARE thinking about career planning!
Career Center Daily
Sources close to Commandant reveal INCREASE IN ATTENDANCE
1-1 Ace the Interview
1-2 Career Success After The Citadel
2-1 Building Effective Resumes
2-2 Networking Skills
3-1 What is your Career Path?
3-2 How to find a summer job or Internship
4-2 What Can I do with the Major?

Students who attended The Spring Career Fair...
reported a large number of interviews and offers!
We asked every Cit101 student,
"How can the Career Center help you now?"
Students of all years,programs, and ranks stopped by The Career Center Booth - MCH - Friday from 12:30-2:30 for pointers, resume & cover letter advice and general direction on how to NOT be unemployed for the summer and post graduation.
The week the Career Center presented the LTP classes, attendance increased both The Career Edu. drop-in & Resume Blitz
Career Center professionals say, "When it comes to careers, better planning leads to better results." Make use of all resources available!
The Career Planning Timeline mirrors goals for the 4 pillars
Career Education Quiz Question #1

If a student asks for help with a resume or cover letter, do you:

A. Drop everything and make yourself immediately available to help regardless of the circumstances?

B. Write it for him/or her?

C. Send the student to The Academic Support Center?

D. Send the student to Resume Blitz to discover the wealth of resources available to help with this matter?
Career Education Quiz Question #2

If a student insists he has never been exposed to anything remotely related to career development, do you:

A. Make the student immediately drop and give you 100 push ups?

B. Question the student's adherence to The Citadel's core values (i.e. lying or tolerating those who do)?

C. Direct student to all of the resources available at The Career Center to help support the end goal of gainful employment?
Career Education Quiz Question #3

A student asks you, "What should I do this summer to help me build my resume to be more competitive in the job market when I graduate?"

A. Tell them not to worry, they are Citadel grads, they will never need to worry about unemployment!

B. Wish them well and tell them, "That is a good question, but it does not concern me. Back in the old corp no one told us what to do - we just figured it out!"

C. Ask them, "Are you attending the Citadel's Fall Career Fair on Oct. 15th at The Alumni Center or any one of the other MANY Career Center events this fall?"

Career Education Quiz Question # 4

A student needs help preparing for an interview and asks you for help.

A. Respond by saying, "There is no need to prepare really, just be yourself! That is all I did when I was an undergraduate."

B. You tell them that everything they could ever need to know is online.

C. You direct them to The Career Center and all of the people and resources there who are paid to help students do well in an interview!
Now we will take a break from our regular programming to discuss Career Education "Table Topics."
The Fall 2012 Executive Summary , Employers of Citadel Graduates asked employers to rate Citadel graduates as compared to graduates from other colleges and universities.

• 82% of employers rated Citadel graduates Superior/Above Average in the categories of Leadership Potential, Leadership Skills, and Overall.

• 65% rated Citadel graduates as Superior/Above Average in terms of Academic Preparation.

Why hire Citadel Graduates Compared to others?
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