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The Four Types of Rhyme

No description

Mike Mastone

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of The Four Types of Rhyme

Mastery Objectives
Students will be able to:

Define and distinguish between the
four types of rhyme

Identify the four types of rhyme
within a given piece of poetry
What is a rhyme?
When multiple words or phrases end
with the same sound
Four Types of Rhyme
Exact Rhyme
Slant Rhyme
Internal Rhyme
End Rhyme
Exact Rhyme

There were so many times I wished I could fly
Soar above it all, just me and the sky
Slant Rhyme
Formed by words with similar but not identical sounds. The words sound similar, but they aren't close enough to make a full rhyme.
The Four Types of Rhyme
Internal Rhyme
End Rhyme
Excerpt from "Slideshow"
by Clifford Harris
When rhyming words appear
within the same line of poetry

Nothing sets me free like when I can be
Out on the ocean, not a care in the world

When rhyming words
appear at the ends of lines
of poetry

Windows down as I cruise in my car
Light hitting my shades, shining like a star

Some people say that our world is very cold
I say don't worry about that which you can't control
Where do we see it
outside the classroom?
When I think about all my time and all my struggles
Through all my grinding and all my troubles
Man I came up from nothing, all I had was a hustle
With a blindfold trying to find pieces to the puzzle, no muzzle
I tell it like it is, that's that
Right or wrong I call it like I see it don't forget
That impossible is nothing your environment’s irrelevant
Just don't let your emotions overpower your intelligence
Refuse to give up, your mistakes don't define you
They don't dictate where you’re headed they remind you
The time keep ticking let your mind keep clicking
Never stop thinking be aware of your positions
Be aware of the collisions and the potholes sitting
On the road that you travel on your life long mission
Just listen every day is like a snapshot taken
If you live you can learn to be patient
Use any remaining time
to add your own example
for each type of rhyme
onto your graphic organizer.

Great work today!
When multiple words or phrases
end with exactly the same sound
After reading the poem as a class, please find examples for each of the four types of rhyme for the next few minutes. write the answers below the poem.
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