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H&M Factors of Production

No description

Adam Piwoni

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of H&M Factors of Production

Factors of Production
Customer Satisfaction
In the production stage for H&M, the raw materials necessary for the manufacturing of clothing are acquired, in order to produce the clothing.
All natural resources needed to produce the clothing-
All paid labor involved in the production of clothing-
Laborers to convert raw materials into fabric
Seamstresses to sew and tailor clothing according to designs
Designers whose ideas inspire the styles that are seen.
All man-made objects and skills/knowledge needed to produce clothing-
Paper, pencils, computers, etc. used to aid in design. (physical capital)
Sewing machines used to create garments (physical capital).
Knowledge of how to use sewing equipment and education needed for designers. (human capital)
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