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Argumentative Writing Intro

No description

Lori Jordan

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Argumentative Writing Intro

Argumentative vs. Persuasive
Writing where you (the author) make a claim about a topic and support that claim with logic and evidence.
What is Argumentative Writing?
Why Have Structure?
The Argumentative Essay
Cuyahoga Falls Sixth Grade Requirement
Why Learn argumentative writing?
Learning to write an effective argument is key to critical thinking skills and an important part of school/academic writing as well as real life!
Persuasive writing also involves making a claim. However, the supporting details are based on feelings and emotions.

Argument: Making a claim and supporting it using logic (not feelings).

Persuasion: Making a claim and supporting it using feelings and emotions.

Claim: The point that you are trying to get your readers to accept.

Evidence: Facts that support your claim (not opinions).

Bridge/warrant: Statement that explains how the evidence supports and
connects to the claim.

Counter-argument/concession: challenging the argument by addressing the
position of someone who may not agree with the argument.

Turn-back: Demonstrating why the counter-claim is wrong.

Audience: Who will be affected by the topic? Who will read the essay?
Organization of the Argumentative Essay
Arguments are won through logical and organized information that is supported by evidence,

because someone

yells louder



more emotion

invested in the topic.
Arguments presented clearly in an organized fashion are easier to follow and better understood.
A four paragraph essay with the following structure:
Introduction (hook/intro/thesis)
Body Paragraph 1 (your claim)
Body Paragraph 2 (opposing claim with
your response)
(Restate thesis/summarize argument/strong concluding statement)

2. You will use the facts presented in the article (pro and con)
3. Following the structure presented in class, you will write each paragraph and work with your teacher to craft the argument in writing using facts and logic, not opinions and emotion.
4. You will succeed in writing a well-organized argumentative piece that you will be proud of!
1. You will use the topic assigned to you in Social studies
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