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Cyber Love: How Online Dating has Changed Society

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Tara Goutermout

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Cyber Love: How Online Dating has Changed Society

Digital Dating & it's Societal Effects
The Bad Side of Online Dating
The Good Side of Online Dating
So how has online dating changed society?
Online dating has taken away "the very essence of what it means to be human"- John Walters, The Guardian

A Snapshot of Online Dating
What is it?
Websites that facilitate finding a romantic partner
Members create personal profiles that include their demographics, psychographics, photos, etc.
Chat with matches based from each sites unique algorithm
Eventually meet matches face-to-face

The Online Dating Market
3-4 billion dollar a year industry
Booms the 6 weeks between New Years Day & Valentine's Day
Meeting online is now the 2nd most common way to meet your significant other

Paid Membership Sites
Opens Up Dating Pool
No longer are people limited to dating through their own networks
Thousands of members = thousands of options
It Works
Match.com reports 250,000 people a year find a partner from their site
eHarmony: responsible for 236 of the 542 average daily marriages in the US
Even Tinder has been responsible for 50 marriages
Free Online Dating Sites
Niche Interest Sites
Everyone's Looking
Unlike a real-world situation, people on a dating site are all (supposedly) singles looking for a relationship
This vastly increases chance of finding a relationship
Safety and Security
25% of rapists used online dating sites to find and lure victims in 2005, this statistic is estimated to be larger now
Data security concerns exist with posting extremely private information online
The Deviance of Loneliness
Societal shift of diagnosing unhappiness as a disease called depression
High divorce rates for baby-boomers means older singles shouldn't accept growing old alone
Shift from relationships "just happening" to "being searched for"
Reversal of Progression
French philosopher Alain Badiou compares online dating to historical prearranged marriages, except an inhuman, mathematical equation is making the arrangements instead of your parents
Society attempts to take the risk out of love, just as it did in the past
Are we really losing our "humanness?"
Rationalizes the Irrational
"Love and the interpersonal is turned on its head and transformed into a rational product"- John Walters, The Guardian
Turns love into a commodity
Relationships become disposable
If love's become a commodity online, then like any other object, it is disposable
Belief that dates can be replaced with just another click
Consequence of instant dating pool
The Age of Instant Gratification
Our culture of "I want it, and I want it now" is embodied by online dating phenomenon
Dissatisfaction and frustration multiplies through the sheer number of dates
What do you think?
Is online dating a good thing for society?
Do you buy that it's fundamentally shifted the way we view traditional and digital dating?
Would you ever join an online dating site?
No face-to-face interaction
Online questions are intense and unnatural
Higher judgement based off of appearance
Monday lecture: Socrates claimed society is losing its humanness through the shift from oral tradition to literate cultures
There is a recurring pattern of this threat each time society changes
by: Tara Goutermout
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