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Place Value

No description

Kitty RIchards

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Place Value

Whole Numbers
Digits left of the decimal point represent whole numbers.

Place Value Forms
These numbers can be written in different ways.
Standard Form
Digits written in their "place value" are create a number written in standard form.
Word Form
There are two types of word form.
Expanded Form
Expanded form is an addition sentence that shows the value of each digit.

Expanded Notation
That's how you did it in 4th grade though!
Expanded Notation
You can also use Powers of Ten to write numbers in expanded notation.

Place Value Chart
Always refer to the Place Value chart to help you!

Now, let's try it with decimals!
Place Value
Objective: I can write numbers in different forms using place value.

Example: 37,803
Standard Form
Word Form
Expanded Form
Long word form
only uses words.
Example: thirty-seven thousand eight hundred three
Short word form
uses numbers and words.
Example: 37 thousand 803
This year you will use FANCY
expanded notation
(3 x 10,000) + (7 x 1,000) + (8 x 100) + (3 x 1)
(3 x 10 ) + (7 x 10 ) + (8 x 10 ) + (3 x 10 )
Watch this short video to answer this question.
Why is ZERO so important?

So, what's the answer
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