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Mohamad El-Zein

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Population

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by. Mohamad Samer El-Zein Population What is Population? Population is the people on earth and how many are living on earth. What Are The Problems? -One of the main problems on the earth is: Population,
-the reason for this that were using to much resources, and were running out of room
- were running out of room we have to replace forests farms, and other areas we need to survive into housing
- were replacing farms we won't have enough food How The World Has This Many People When you waste think about how you got and because your wasting it think that a starving kid that wants to eat but can't eat it but your wasting it Over-Population -The causes of over-population is people want children,
-when the children are older they can take care of the parents,
- religious reasons. -Most evidence is suggesting that after WW2 the population rate has gone up, during that time the population rate was around 1 billion
-5 years ago the population was around 6 billion now it is past 7 billion
- So if the population rate keeps going like this eventuality there will be no more room on earth Why Wasting is Bad Solution Conclusion This is all I have to say, please take this into consideration. The End -Ways we can stop this is: have less children
- make apartments instead of houses
-Anther way is death, because modern tech and medicine make people live longer which means a house is taken
-the elderly can move in with their children
-GET EDUCATION Pictures The Problems War, because we'll fight for land
Starvation, because we won't have enough food to go around
Drugs, because people use drugs half the time because of unemployment
Pollution, because more people more pollution. Who will this effect ? EVERYONE
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