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Sexting 2016

No description

The Center OLD account

on 16 March 2018

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Transcript of Sexting 2016

The Center
Sexting: What Does That Even Mean?
Why Do People Sext?
Repercussions and Law Enforcement Involvement
Knowing What To Do
Case Study Game
Presentation Outline
Respect the clicker!
Used to poll/quiz the audience
Questions are anonymous
Sometimes results will be shown
Multiple Choice: 1/A, 2/B, 3/C, 4/D
True/False: 1/A for T, 2/B for F
Sexting: What Is It?
The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education
Our Programs & Services
24 hour crisis hotline
Short-term counseling
Support groups
Prevention Education Programs
Sending sexually explicit photos (
nude or semi-nude of a provocative nature
) or messages via mobile phone or app

Sexting includes sending someone...?

Semi-nude photos
Fully nude photos
Flirtatious texts

Which of the following are reasons why teens sext?
A: As a joke
B: Trying to be flirtatious
C: Peer pressure from friends or significant other
D: Think it is sexy to surprise their significant otherexy to surprise their significant other
E: To humiliate someone

Which of the following are reasons why teens sext?
A: As a joke
B: Trying to be flirtatious
C: Peer pressure from friends or significant other
D: Think it is sexy to surprise their significant other
E: To humiliate someone
F: All of the above

That's 1 in 5!

of teens say they've sent or posted nude or semi-nude photos of themselves
Why do people sext?
of teens sent a sext as a joke
1 in 4
sent them because they were peer pressured by friends
52% of females
did so as a present for their partner
of teen girls were pressured from a guy
of teen boys were pressured from a girl
Think about it...
Who is in control
of the image once it is sent?
If a sext starts making its way around school,
how does the person in the photo feel
36% of girls
39 % of boys
say it is common for nude/semi-nude photos to get shared with people other than the intended recipient
A victim of sexual harassment may experience...
negative body image
eating disorders
No likes for sexting
If a sext is sent around to people other than the intended recipitent, is it the person's fault for taking the picture in the first place?
Which series of events could happen to someone if they sext?
A: Someone might
share it at school and spread it
around the school for everyone to see

B: The person who sent it may develop a
negative body image
and eating disorder if the photo is spread to others

Law enforcement
could become involved

of the above

of the above could happen
Sexting is a crime!
It is
to possess lewd
photographs of anyone under 16

Being caught with these photos might result in legal consequences

Revenge Porn Law *CT*:
Sending or posting lewd photos to hurt or embarrass someone else is also a crime
A Recent Study:
How do police handle "youth-produced sexual images?"
2/3 of the cases involved "
aggravated circumstances"
Remaining 1/3 were described as having "
no malicious elements
" and views as "adolescent sexual experimentation"
18% of cases
, police reported making
an arrest
What should you do if you are asked to send a sexually explicit photograph?
A: Say you are uncomfortable with it and you are not going to send one
B:Send the picture but ask that the receiver keep it to themselves
C: Send the photo on snapchat so it deletes right away
A Sociological Study
University of Michigan (2014)

Teenage boys
reported receiving sexts from girls "I know I can get it from" and that sexting is common for girls
"only with slut reputations".
Also reported that
girls who don't sext are "stuck up" or "prudes"

Boys themselves, on the other hand, were found to be immune from criticism, whether they sexted or not
Gender Roles
supposed to like sexual attention
don't talk about their feelings
talk about everything
supposed to have very few sexual partners
What can you do as an individual to intervene when photos of others are spreading?
A: Keep spreading it around so nobody makes fun of you
B: Reach out to the person in the photo and make sure they are OK emotionally
C: Ignore it, it's not your problem
D: B or C
What to do if you receive a photo...
Tell an adult
Delete the pictures
Ask the sender to STOP (only if you feel safe)
Make sure the person in the photo is OK.
Call the center! (203-329-2929)
Delia is a 15 year old girl who likes to take pictures. One summer, she takes tons of pictures on the beach, including pictures of her playing beach volleyball with her dad. Delia sends a picture of that to her boyfriend when he asks what she has been doing on vacation. Is she sexting her boyfriend?
The men's soccer team at ABC high school share a locker room. One day, Chad takes a picture of his best friend, James, while he is completely naked and sends it to Alyssa (a girl James really likes).
Why do you think Chad did this to James?

Vanessa was 14 years-old when her friends peer-pressured her to sext a boy that she liked in their 9th grade health class. The boy she sent the photo to showed all of his friends, and they continuously made fun of her every time she walked into her health class. Which of the following legal consequences might the original recipient of the photo face?

A: Could be charged for distribution of child pornography
B: He would get in trouble with the school
C: Nothing... it was mean, but legal
Bella is a freshman in high school but has been dating a senior boy named Harry for two years. Harry asks Bella to send him a sexy photo while they are on school vacation. Bella feels uncomfortable, but she loves Harry and wants to date him for a long time. What should Bella do?

You are a senior in high school and ready to graduate and move onto college. The last week before you graduate, a sexually explicit picture starts circulating among your classmates of a freshman girl with her name written below the photo. What should you do?

Joke about it
with your friends because she's just a stupid freshman
B: Save the photo on your phone

Approach the freshman girl

when she's not with a lot of people and ask her how she is doing
Ignore it and delete it
you're graduating in a week anyways
E: C or D
Is that sexual harassment for James?
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