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Getting Started at TCC

No description

Kyle Jarman

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Getting Started at TCC

Getting Started
at TCC Take Your First Steps... Step 1) Fill out an application Apply online at...
https://banweb.tulsacc.edu/PROD/bwskalog.p_disploginnew?in_id=&cpbl=&newid= Step 2) Obtain your student ID number After applying to the college you can either...

-or- Step 3) Submit Credentials Once you've been admitted, turn in credentials such as...

-High school transcripts
-ACT scores
-GED scores
-Prior college transcripts
-AP scores
- etc.
*Turn credentials into an Enrollment Services/Registration Office Step 4) Meet with an Advisor Meet with an advisor to determine if you need any additional placement testing or if you are ready to enroll. If you need COMPASS testing, an advisor can provide you with the necessary referral form to take the test. COMPASS Testing Work with an advisor to choose classes that will work toward your degree. Step 5) Choose Classes *If you will be applying for financial aid, click the link below for information on how to get that process started. $ Financial Aid $ OR.... In State Transcripts: Physically Pick up a SEALED Transcript (if possible) or have it mailed directly to yourself.
Then..... Have transfer institution mail them directly to TCC Hand carry a sealed transcript to Enrollment Services/Registration Request Transcripts
From Prior Colleges (The Preferred Method) 6-8 weeks for evaluation Out of State Transcripts: 8-10 weeks for evaluation How do I know if I need placement Testing? TCC has three proficiency requirements 1) Reading
2) Writing
3) Math You can meet these proficiency requirements in any 1 of 3 ways... 1) Through Appropriate
ACT scores:

19+ on reading
19+ on writing
19+ on math
*20+ is needed for college algebra Or...

2) Appropriate prior college course work

For example, if you have passed a Freshman Composition I class at another regionally accredited college, proof of that would meet the writing proficiency Or...

3) Appropriate test score on the COMPASS Placement Exam

The exam has a reading, writing, and math section. You can take all three sections or just one as needed. Step 6) Enroll! Now that you know what classes to enroll in, it is time to enroll. At TCC, all enrollment is done online through TED. See the link below for instructions on how to use TED to enroll. How do I get my prior transcripts to TCC? *If you have prior college credit, bring a copy of your prior transcripts with you. http://www.tulsacc.edu/student-services/financial-aid/2012-2013-application-instructions http://www.tulsacc.edu/student-services/academic-advisement/how-use-ted/how-enroll Transcript evaluation http://www.act.org/compass/tests/#.UGn1ma5VXzg For more information on the COMPASS Test Sections including sample questions, click the link below: COMPASS testing can be done anytime we are open.
Monday - Thursday 9 - 6
Friday 10 - 5
The test is FREE and is NOT TIMED! Visit an Enrollment Services/Registration Office and request to be admitted Wait 5-7 days for an acceptance email from TCC Your future awaits! If COMPASS testing indicated a need for developmental course work, plan to complete those courses FIRST to establish a solid educational foundation before diving in to college-level course work. Have transcripts mailed to.... Enrollment Services
Tulsa Community College
909 S. Boston Ave
Tulsa OK 74119 We require students to meet these proficiency requirements before moving on to college level course work so that students have the academic foundations necessary to be successful once they do enter college level courses. If you score below proficiency on the COMPASS test, you will need to complete the developmental course work recommended by the test to become proficient in that area. For example, if you score a 60 on the COMPASS Reading test, you would need to complete ENGL-0913 Reading II before moving on to college level course work.
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