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Study Skill and Strategies

No description

Sarah Collins

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Study Skill and Strategies

Time Management Issue
Do you have a planner?
Is it too much
Reminder pad (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2014)
How are you spending your time?
Study Skill and Strategies
How to make sense of what you read, and what professors say.
Why are you not focusing?
Brain Food (Nazario, 2013)
Determining Your Learning Style
Possible Resources
Take a moment and consider your study habits
when do you study?
do you study alone or a group?
where do you study?
Which subjects do you study first? (hard? easy?)
Many Different ways of learning. Unfortunately, not all of theses methods are addressed in college.

Find creative ways to incorporate learning style into your studies.
Where are you studying
Residence Hall?
Lounge Area?

Are you getting done what needs to be done?

Keep Track

Turning off distractions? Putting up signs? Anything else??
Orange Juice
High-Fiber Whole Grain
Fish* (Omega-3 fatty acid)
Dark Chocolate
Nuts and seeds
Have a "colorful" diet
Beware of supplements
Healthy Study Meal
100% Fruit Juice
Whole Grain Bagel with Salmon
1 cup of coffee
*Adderall is not a brain food (WebMD, 2014)
Possible Disability
Office of Disability Services
JAWS: Introduction
Zoom Text
Read & Write Gold
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Audio Books
(University of Illinois - Springfield, 2014)
The Learning Hub
Private Testing Rooms
Individualized plans
One-on-one meetings with a TA
User Friendly App. for the iphone or droid (available through the app store)
Breaks up projects into 25 minute increments
5-minute breaks in-between
Longer break after 4 "pomodoros" (25 minute sessions)
Down-side: Timer is fairly quiet
No smart phone? No worries! Kitchen timer
Professors (Leigher, 2000)
Build the Bridge Early on
Let them know of life events early on
E-mail etiquette
Monitor the questions you ask (timing)
Meeting them during their office hours, setting up one-on-one meetings
Much more responsibility on your end
Get your questions answered as soon as they appear
Make sure that they are aware of any accommodations that you need....now
Letters of recommendation
Mind-Mapping (MindTools.com, 2014)
Useful Technique to help you understand what your professor finds important about the material
Read the material
Close your book, do not use notes
Create your mind-map
When you have class again, pull it out and add to it
Works well as an emergency aid
Mind-Mapping (Using Mind Maps..., 2013) (MindTools.com, 2014)
Chapter 1
Chinchillas die if they get wet.
It takes 120 chinchillas to make a fur coat.
Chinchillas need to take volcanic dust baths in order to clean themselves.
Chinchillas live to be around 15 years old.
A Little Bit of Psychology....
Ever tried to remember a phone number?

Rote Rehearsal, in-effective at remembering information long-term

Link information to life events

Classical Conditioning
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My daily schedule.
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Needs to be fixed
Where nothing but studying occurs
Classical Conditioning
(Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2014)
heart problems
blood pressure problems
same class as cocaine
(Study Guides and Strategies, 2011)
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Assistive technology
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simple phrases
different colors
Utilize symbols and images
expand on ideas as you go
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How to mind map in seven steps...
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Control of study environment.
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© Mind Tools Ltd, 1996-2014. All rights reserved. Information cannot be reproduced without permission.
© Mind Tools Ltd, 1996-2014. All rights reserved. Information cannot be reproduced without permission.
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