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we love cycling


Eliot Landrum

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of we love cycling

cycling But cycling seems dangerous.
The road seems filled with anger.
I feel like I don't belong. get motorists to see me?
not get run over?
find good roads?
ride at night? Does it have to be so hard ? no. ...someone took all the police reports,
examined hundreds of hours of videos,
interviewed cyclists of all skill levels,
studied all of the latest data,
and asked all the hard questions... what if... what if... you could skip
the broken bones
the near-misses
the close calls
the smashed bike
the scars? would you enjoy your neighborhood more?
would your friends ride more?
would you ride more?
would you enjoy life more? enjoy the ride it's here.
now. what would that
be worth to you? to the coffee shop
to work, to play to unwind
to enjoy life Why can't we get along? Find a workshop near you: http://CyclingSavvy.org How do I...
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