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Adult Beginning Guitar

No description

Matt Gerry

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Adult Beginning Guitar

Six Weeks to a Strong Foundation in Guitar
Adult Beginning Guitar
1. Holding your guitar
1. Learn the Notes of String One - E - F - G
1. The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Improvisation Basics/Bass Guitar Intro
1. Introduction to Tablature
Find Songs You Want to Play!
1. Play the songs you have found.
The Basics
Review Day
2. Using Your Right Hand - Rest Stroke

3. Using your Left Hand
4. Strumming - Chords
Adding Notation/
Fretboard Knowledge
Chord Structure/
Strumming Patterns
2. Fretboard - How it works.
3. Notes of the Second String
1. Chord Progressions
4. 3 New Chords
2. Chord Chart for all basic Major and Minor Chords
3. Focus on Key of G - Four Song is G
capo 2
2. Add bass to our previous songs
2. www.ultimate-guitar.com
3. Assignment for next week.
2. Quick introduction to power chords.
Blues in Am
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