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BOY 21

No description

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of BOY 21

ABC Digital Library Scrapbook
By: Hagen Ellis

BOY 21
BY: Matthew Quick

The climax of Boy 21 is the night Erin gets ran over because this leads to Finley quitting basketball, the game he loves. Due to this, Russ finally gets to start on the basketball team and shows off his true abilities. This tragic event also leads to Finley and Erin achieving their life goal of getting out of the town of Belmont.

Character Description
Finley: A quite and respectful teenager who truly loves two things, basketball and his girlfriend Erin, and has one goal to get out of Belmont.
Erin: A very respected basketball star that is Finley's girlfriend and hopes her basketball talent can get her and Finley out of Belmont one day.
Boy 21(Russ): A basketball star that is on the quick path to the NBA but all gets put on hold when his parents are murdered and moves in with his grandparents in the city of Belmont. He also has one escape from society and that's his strange love and beliefs about the cosmos.
Dad: A very quite hardworking man that does everything he can to provide for Finley and Pop and does everything he can to keep Finley motivated to leave Belmont.
Pop: Finley's grandpa that lost both of his legs due to the Irish mob, and causes Finley to have to take care of him. Pop is just a drunk that got hurt trying to do something good for his family.
Coach: A very respectful almost father figure for Finley. He really believes in Finley and that's why he asks him to help Boy 21.

In Boy 21, the antagonist consists of the Irish mob and the town of Belmont as a whole. Both the Irish mob and the town he lives in causes many problems for him throughout his life in many ways. The Irish mob affects him by being the reason his mother is dead, Grandpa is left without legs and Erin getting hit by a car. Last of all, the town of Belmont itself causes issues for Finley while he is growing up due to it being a racially segregated town.
The book, Boy 21, is placed in a small dangerous town of Belmont. We learn that something traumatic has happened in Finley's life as he shoots basketball non-stop to get the thoughts out of his head. Also, we learn that pop is a drunk and has a wheelchair. Lastly, we are introduced and witness Erin and Finley meeting for the first time.

Figurative Language
1) An example of simile in Boy 21 is in Chapter 2 on page 9. When explaining why he is nicknamed “white rabbit”, the text says "I’m quiet like a rabbit”.
2) Alliteration of the letter "w" occurs in chapter 28 on page 106. The text says, “They want to know why Boy 21’s wearing what he’s wearing, where exactly in outer space he’s came from, and how many points he’ll score in the next game.”
Alternate Ending
My alternate ending would consist of Erin never getting ran over. This event would allow her and Finely to complete their basketball seasons. My ending would also include Boy 21 playing on the team with Finley. Both the girls and boys would win state championships. The book would then end by Erin an Finley getting out of Belmont through Erin's basketball talent. This would lead to the book being more of a basketball focused book instead of a drama, which would of personally interested me more.

Must Read For Kids
Boy 21 is an amazing book for all teens to read. This book contains many aspects that teenagers can relate to and aspects they enjoy reading about. Some of these include young romance, sports, drama,violence, and poverty. At first look most would think this book is purely for young teen boys interested in sports, but it's not. The story also involves a girl basketball player which would intrigue teen athletic girls. Also, this book would interest many girls with the romantic aspect between Finley and Erin. Third, this book would interest teens that have an interest in space. In addition, this book would be an inspiration to all teens that have faced similar situations that Finley and Erin live with in their everyday life. Furthermore, this book never has a dull moment as it continuously keeps the reader interested and excited. Personally, I never wanted to put the book down it was just very addicting. So, the book Boy 21 is more than a great read for teens, I consider it a great read as it relates to all teenagers in multiple ways.

ANALYSIS Questions

Lesson Learned
One lesson I learned from this book is that you can never take anything for granted. This lesson is learned through Erin, an amazing basketball player, who's main love in life was playing the sport. However, her life as she knew it, was suddenly stripped from her when she got ran over and was not able to play again.

Personal Connection
1) My first connection is a text to world connection as this book points out many of the problems teens have to grow up with in today's world, like single parents, poverty, violence etc. In this book both Finley and Erin have to deal with issues like this.
2) My second connection is a text to self connection. In this book Erin is in accident that keeps her from playing basketball, a sport she loves, ever again. This reminds me of when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. I was told that I would not be able to play football, a sport that I love.

Point of View
The book Boy 21 is told in first person. The main character, Finley, tells the story using I-me-my-mine in his speech. The advantage of this point of view is that you get to hear Finley’s thoughts and see the world through Finley's eyes.

Heart to Heart
Boy 21 is a story about three teenagers whose lives are brought together through basketball. Finley and his girlfriend, Erin, use basketball to escape their racially segregated, mafia ruled neighborhood and daily hardships. The coach of the local high school asks Finley to watch over Russ, a former basketball prodigy. Russ lost both his parents and is now living with his grandparents. He is so truamatized by the events that he has developed an alternate persona (boy21) to help get him through the days and has refuses to pick up a basketball. Finley and Boy 21 help each other in their own unique ways. Then the tables turn after Finley's girlfriend is severely injured in a hit and run and then leaves town without a word.


Finley McManus, 87 of Belmont died Wednesday.
He was born to the late James and Rita McManus, Nov. 11,1988 in Belmont,NJ. Finley graduated from Belmont High in 2006 and received a doctorate from the University of Syracuse in 2014. He married Erin Lewis in 2011, and they lived together in Belmont, New Jersey.
Finely was an orthopedic surgeon until he retired in 2032 and was very passionate about his work. He founded many organization to help troubled kids in the area he grew up in and currently lived an worked in.
Finley was an active member of Belmont First Baptist Church, and was also an assistant coach for the Belmont High basketball team.
Finley is survived by 2 kids: Russ McManus of New York City and Samantha Brown of Miami. He is also survived by 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
A viewing will be held at 7pm Friday at Jones Family Funeral Home.
Burial will be held at 1pm Saturday at Belmont Cemetery

The protagonists in the story consists of Finley, Erin, Russ, Coach, Finley's Father and his grandpa. All of these are considered protagonist because they all play major roles in developing the story throughout.
“You can loose yourself in repetition-quiet your thoughts; I learned the value of this at a very young age” (Boy 21, pg 4). I believe this quote is important because Finley shows this throughout by he is constantly working and practicing every single day not only because he wants to get better, but also because he know’s it will get his mind off of all the bad things going on around him.
“Just do your best. Remember- it’s a long race and you can always outwork talent in the end.”(Boy 2, pg.7). This quote is also very important because it relates to Finley due to the fact that he is not the most talented player on his team but he is able to start and be a quality player due to his work ethic.
The resolution of Boy 21 is at the end of the book when Finley finally gets word from Erin that everything is okay and that she is now out of Belmont. She tells him she in a safe location and wants him to come join her. Finley's grandfather comes up with the money to finally get his grandson out of Belmont and on a train to be with Erin once again.
Sensory Details
“THE VOICE STOPS TALKING and after a long few seconds the door opens inward and i’m looking up at a shirtless man-child.
His body is incredible.
The perfect basketball body.
Tall, lean, strong-it looks exactly like Kobe Bryant’s.
He has four-inch braids that are unlike what my teammates wear-those neat Manny Ramirez braids. Boy 21’s braids are so nappy, they almost look like Bob Marley’s dreads.” (Boy 21, pg. 31).
This descriptive passage’s impact on this book is this is the first time Finley sees Russ and he is amazed with the outstanding body Russ has.Through this Finley talks about how his body is perfect for basketball and you can tell from here Russ is truely going to be something special.
Undercover Mission
The author of Boy 21 is Matthew Quick.
He is the New York Times bestselling author of several novels, including THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, which was made into an Oscar-winning film.
Quick was born and spent the first few years of his life in Philadelphia before being raised just across the Delaware River in Oaklyn, New Jersey. He graduated from Collingswood High School (class of 1992) and La Salle University (class of 1996), where he double-majored in English and secondary education.
In 2004 Quick made the difficult decision to leave teaching and pursue his dream of becoming a fiction writer. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College in 2007.
Top 5 Songs
Finley's top five songs would be:
1)Let it Go- Wiz Khalifa. This song was chosen because there are a lot of things that Finley has to basically just forget about or let go in his life to be successful. For example, he has to let go the thoughts and memories of his mom and also all the violence and hardships surrounding him.
2)All I Do Is Win- DJ Khaled. This song really relates to Finley because on and off the court Finley’s soul purpose is to “win” or be as successful as he can in a place he should not be able to succeed.
3) The Fighter- Gym Class Heros. This song really helps describe Finley and the circumstances he has to live through with poverty and violence all around him , but yet somehow he finds a way to avoid it all and still live his life to the fullest.
4)I Made It-Jay Z. This song is a great for the end of the book when Finley has truly made it by finally getting out of the dreaded town of Belmont.
5) Lose Yourself-Eminem. I chose this song because one of the most famous lines is “ lose yourself in the music the moment...”. This relates to Finley because in the early part of his life he tries to escape the thoughts of his mom by “losing himself” in the moment of being outside and shooting basketball.

Questions to Finley:
1) In all honesty how did you feel about Coach picking you to be the one to help Russ?
I would ask this because I’m not really sure how he would feel about helping someone get back to playing basketball when the person he’s helping is going to challenge him for his starting position.
2 )Do you think you would have become friends with Russ during the season if you wwere not the one chosen to help him?
I would ask this because I want to know if Finley truly became close with him because they were similar or if it was because he was forced to.
3) Deep down, do you feel hatred towards your pop since he was the reason you were kidnapped which did led to your mother's death?
I honestly want to know this because I feel like if it was me I would forgive my grandpa because he was trying to do a good thing for the family. Deep down I feel like I would have some hatred built up since it led to me getting kidnapped and the death of my mom.
4) Are you embarrassed of your family at all?
I would ask this because Finley’s pop got his legs cut off, is a drunk, and almost got their entire family killed. In addition, his dad has had a rough life and works night shifts at a toll booth.
5) Is Erin what basically holds your life together?
I would ask this because they are very close to each other and have been together for a very long time. A second reason I would ask this is because it seemed to me that when they broke up for their basketball seasons all things started to go downhill for Finley.

The human motivation that drives the characters and the plot in this book is the pure motivation to prove people wrong. Throughout the book Erin and Finley’s main goal is to get out of the awful town of Belmont. What makes them want to get out even more than they already do is the fact no one, other than their families, believe they can make it out of Belmont. This leads to forming the plot by the whole book is really their journey out of Belmont. Through about the first three quarters of the book it is planned they’re going to make it out by Erin’s basketball skills. This is suddenly changed though when Erin gets hit by a car. This motivates the characters and moves the plot along even more by now everyone even the audience reading the book thinks they will be stuck in Belmont forever. However Erin getting ran over actually help’s as it turns out her and her family has to relocate to somewhere else and Finely joins them. Throughout this book everyone is trying to prove people wrong and show them that kids that have grown up in rough situations can still do great things and live successful lives. Last of all I think proving people who doubt you wrong is not only a human motivation in this book but also plays a huge role in lots of peoples success today.

I believe both Russ and Finley have a xenophobia in this book because both are very shy, sort of fear strangers and just like to be around each other. Also, Russ is not very good with change. When he first moves to Belmont, Russ goes into a "shell".

I’ve decided to use this slide to speak about how I felt about the Book Boy 21. Personally, I was very surprised that I enjoyed this book. At first I only choose this book to read because it was one of the shortest books I found. Surprisingly though I really enjoyed the book and for me it ended being one of those books you cant just put down. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a great read.

The zinger in Boy 21 was when the members of the Irish mob ran over Erin. This event surprised me because I really expected Erin to excel throughout her senior basketball season. I believed that her basketball talent would eventually get her and Finley out of Belmont.
Visiting Favorite Character
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