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Orgasm Gap in Hetero College Hook-Ups SP18

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Jenna Messman

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of Orgasm Gap in Hetero College Hook-Ups SP18

Maybe use Top Hat to ask if the following are hooking up:
kissing, oral sex, penetrative sex, sexting
This article uses orgasm as the mechanism to define "hookup satisfaction" and acknowledges that is both limiting and controversial. What other ways could someone determine "hookup satisfaction"?
This research makes the case that "relationship sex" is better for women in terms of orgasm and sexual enjoyment. What are your thoughts on this? Agree? Disagree? It depends?
Intercourse increases orgasm in hookups and relationships, but decreases enjoyment in hookups.
Rates of orgasm and enjoyment increase dramatically between the first hookup and sub-sequent hookups, suggesting that partner- specific learning plays a role even in the absence of long-term commitment. Consistent with this, in interviews women talked at length about the awkwardness of first sex and the importance of getting to know each other’s bodies.
Affection and commitment are also impor-tant. In hookups, interest in a relationship increased orgasm and enjoyment.
Both men and women reported that men are typically not concerned with women’s pleasure in hookups, but both reported that men are very attentive to wom-en’s pleasure in relationships. We interpret these findings as consistent with the new ver-sion of the double standard in which entitle-ment to sexual pleasure has become reciprocal within relationships, but doubts about wom-en’s entitlement to pleasure in casual liaisons keep women from asking to have their desires satisfied and keep men from seeing women as deserving of their attentiveness in
3. Positive or negative influence on college sexual health
According to the article, a
"hook-up" generally refers to a situation where two people are hanging out or run into each other at an event (often a party) and they end up doing something sexual. In some cases the sexual behavior is intercourse, but not in the majority of cases. A "hook-up" carries no expectation that either party has an interest in moving toward a relationship, although in some cases such an interest is present either before or after the hook up.

Do you agree or disagree with this definition?
"Are hook-ups gendered?"
1) Initiation
2) Orgasm Gap
3) Sexual Double Standard

Last "hook-up" went this far...
*What is this called?
*More likely to have intercourse.
"There is a BIG line between oral sex and intercourse."
"These patterns of male initiation may mean that men are more eager for hook-ups than women. Or they might mean that both men and women feel accountable to norms of how gender is to be displayed that dictate male, not female, initiation."
More likely to engage in behavior that prioritizes male pleasure AND...
"Why are men so misinformed about their female partner's orgasms in hook-ups?
being drunk
lack of communication
women faking orgasms
what else?
"Just really to end it."
"A lot of people say they've faked it just because they're like bored with it."
"To make that person feel good, to make them feel like they've done their job."
"I hate it when a guy is like take your head and try to push it down, because then I just switch it around to make them go down first actually. And some guys say no and then I just say no if they say no."
What is
"the standard"
Agree? Explain!
What's dating got to do with it?
Is "dating" dead?

*slight increase, but still higher
*stays the same
Are social pressures leading to gendered reporting bias?
Women: may feel like they "should" limit hook-ups to only those they would consider a relationship with to avoid being labeled as "slutty"?

Men: may feel like they "should" be ready for sex with who ever all of the time and not "catch feelings"?
What's the
"Big R"
have to do with the
"Big O
1st: 28%
10+: 54%
Relationship: 61%
"If you are just hooking up with someone, I guess it's more of a selfish thing"
"I think that if you're in a relationship, like I know that I feel personally responsible."
Other men said they tried but were unsure what worked and whether women had an orgasm.
Maybe orgasm isn't the best barometer of sexual pleasure or enjoyment, In fact, women's lesser rate of orgasm doesn't translate into lower reported satisfaction. So what else would you add as a measure for sexual satisfaction?
1) Technical accomplishment - good technique
2) Relationship-specific skills - learned over time with the same person
3) Commitment and affection
4) Gender equity - respect during sex
*increased chances of orgasm
CW: Gendered language and exclusively looks at heterosexual relationships. Interested in how traditional gender norms and structures impact romantic and sexual relationships.

Much of the growing body of research expresses concern for women's wellbeing and suggests that hookups benefit men at the expense of women. There is little research on the quality of sex in heterosexual hookups and relationships (particularly for women) - so we do not know if this is true!

Researchers made the decision to treat orgasm as a central measure of the quality of young women's sexual experiences - they understand the limitations and issues with this but acknowledge that little research examines the role of orgasm in young women's sexual experiences and satisfaction.

LGBT 350 Modules -
Due Friday, Panel Tuesday
Top Hat Participation

Exam Review &
Group Work next Thursday
How is the "gender revolution" affecting the "sexual revolution"?
"Do you usually-to-always orgasm when you are sexually intimate?"
Heterosexual men: 95%,
Gay men: 89%
Bisexual men: 88%
Lesbian women: 86%
Bisexual women: 66%
Heterosexual women: 65%
Frederick, D.A., John, H.K.S., Garcia, J.R. et al. Arch Sex Behav (2017).

How can we increase equality among men and women's sexual pleasure in heterosexual college hook-ups?
How is the "gender revolution" affecting the "sexual revolution"?
Does increased equality among men and women lead to increased equality in sexual pleasure in heterosexual college hook-ups?
80% of the class by May 9 =
1 May Bonus Point for ALL!
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