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Organisers' Conference 2011 - Geometry and Perspective

In 2011 we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ri Mathematics Masterclasses. This is a taster of the Ri masterclass entitled Geometry and Perspective, based on the notes from Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman.

Sara Santos

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Organisers' Conference 2011 - Geometry and Perspective

How to find the perfect observation point? To represent a cube we need
vanishing points of three
orthogonal directions Start with
simpler shapes Are the rules of
perspective precise? In other words, can we prove they work? There is one perfect
observation point Geometry and Perspective Your challenge:
investigate the perfect vantage point for a perspective drawing of a cube given its vanishing points. What are the rules of perspective? vanishing
point projection First rule of perspective:
parallel lines go through the same vanishing point The 'eye' has to be positioned such that the light rays coming in from each vanishing point are at 90 degrees with each other. The 'eye' sits on the point of intersection of three spheres. Theorem
The perfect observation point lies above the orthocentre of the triangle defined by the three vanishing points, at the height Proofs
at the heart
of Mathematics Introducing young people to the
art and practice of mathematics Proofs at
the heart of
Mathematics Obrigada.

ssantos@ri.ac.uk Thank you!
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