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WAM Social Media Plan

No description

Dimatron 3000

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of WAM Social Media Plan

Summary The 4 'E's' Social Media Strategy Engage Educate Excite Evangelise Facebook likes (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Twitter followers YouTube views Blogging helps SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
More reviews /written content
Keeps the WAM brand fresh and current v. popular, photo-sharing Facebook-owned
let's get on it network with sponsors
build WAM brand new, but growing.
Sharing topics of interest How does WAM's social media compare to our peers? = GREATER PRESENCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA create & share conversations workshops / online reviews / 'how to' vids great content! people will sing our praises. WAMbassadors! this guy from Kodak explains it nicely . . WHAT'S A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY? he talked about So, which social media platforms does WAM use? 'SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS'
WORKSHOP SUMMARY WAM SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN (Draft) & SO WHAT'S OUR STRATEGY? ATTENDANCE SPONSORSHIP SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS FOR NONPROFITS WHAT OUTCOMES DO WE WANT? MEMBERSHIP WE COULD ESTABLISH WAM's FIRST SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM Blogger Photographer WAMbassador Photographer Videographer Blogger SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM (SMT) Videographer WAMbassador How can we manage our social media? SMT photographers SMT videographers SMT bloggers http://emperorsmusic.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/bigsound-2012.html http://lifeisnoise.com/blog/ http://www.qmusic.com.au/index.cfm?contentID=607&articleID=9852 OR WAM WEBSITE BLOGS John Butler
Luke Steele
Kav Temperley
Abbe May
Katy Steele
Sean Pollard
Scarlett Stevens
Rob Nassif
Kevin Parker
Ian Kenny WAMbassadors http://policytool.net/ Social Media Policy speak at workshops
present awards at WAMi or SOTY
share tales from the road
reflect 'WAM Histories' WAM's Social Media Evangelise Engage/Educate Engage/Excite Engage/Excite Engage / Educate / Excite / Evangelise ENGAGE EDUCATE EXCITE EVANGELISE 3. Register SUMMARY 2. Recruit SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM (SMT) new social media platforms Full booklet on server Communications Social Media SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS Workshop Social media in business
Strategic planning
Social media platforms
Case studies (Ikea / Burger King / Adobe)
Risk management
Measurement & monitoring 2684 *we need to 'WAM' brand our YouTube page, not 'West Australian Music' see handout Great for scheduling tweets & posts during WAMis! 1. Plan strategy
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