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Earth Day

Garbage Pollution

jaime nela

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Earth Day

There is so...much pollution Do you know the pounds of garbage thorwn out and
that is dropped on the floor, in a year? 840,172,707,600 pounds a year!
Thats not fair to the earth, now is it? So, you wonder "how is this not fair to the earth?" I will tell you... Okay, well first the things that do end up in the trash cans
go to landfills, which makes the earth smell and pollute the air when burned. The things that don't land in the cans
can harm the plants and animals.
This is why there should be more recycle cans around. But thats not the only way to fix it... We can pick up trash off the gound, and also, not be apart
of putting the garbage on the floor in the fist place. ...And you know? garbage increases ever year If we keep it up the gound may be made out of garbage
because we will run out of places to put it. That is my earth day project Remember to pretect
and clean the earth each day
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