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Opening Day 2010

Monday, August 30th

Eric Conti

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Opening Day 2010

Welcome Back New State Mandates New Education Reform Anti-Bullying Legislation DESE Training Video promoting and modeling the use of respectful language fostering an understanding of and respect for diversity and difference building relationships and communicating with families constructively managing classroom behaviors using positive behavioral intervention strategies applying constructive disciplinary practices teaching students skills including positive communication, anger management, and
empathy for others engaging students in school or classroom planning and decision-making maintaining a safe and caring classroom for all students Recognizing Bullies Recognizing Bullying Behavior District Professional Development Topics Common Core Standards Race to the Top 5 Levels of School Performance Common Theme is RESPECT District Happenings New Memorial MSMS Renovation Varsity Field Technology Buildings Statewide Evaluation System going to the Board in Winter 2011 District Analysis and Review Tool (DART) District and School Assistance Centers (DSAC) Each with Different Levels of Accountability and Assistance Redistricting Elementary School Attendance Zones Lucy Linus Roger Clemens Pedro Nelly Laura Neidermeyer Flounder The Rifleman Random Cowboy Terry O'Reilly Dave Schultz Larry Bird Bill Laimbeer Simon Cowell Paula Abdul Biff Tannen Marty McFly Newman Jerry Luke Darth Vader Edward Jacob Harry Draco Gordie Ace Nurse Ratched Florence Nightengale Daniel LaRusso Billy Zabka Ralphie Parker Scut Farkas Darth Vader Me Nelson Martin Try Something New
Please Try Texting Your Response Thank you
Have An Adventurous Year!
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