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Art in Motion

World Scholars Cup 2013

Nathan Levin

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Art in Motion

This artwork is almost as old as I am, and I've learned a few things in my day....
Debate this! Art is an accurate reflection of the world in which it was created.

Art and History have a profound effect on each other.

Life is motion. Movement in Art Title: Migrant Mother
Artist: Dorothea Lange
Date: 1936
Subject: Florence Owens Thompson Title: Migration 1947
Artist: Jacob Lawrence
Date: 1947
Subject: Great African American Migration Title: Migrant Labourer
Artist: Willie Bester
Date: 1993
Subject: Oppression of migrant workers Title: To Raise the Water Level in a Pond
Artist: Zhang Huan
Date: 1997
Subject: Migrant workers in Beijing Title: Long March
Artist: Li Keran
Date: 1959
Subject: Mao Zedong's poem about the founding of new China. Title: A Line Made by Walking
Artist: Richard Long
Date: 1967
Subject: A line made by walking... Title: BorderXing Guide
Artist: Heath Bunting
Date: 2002
Subject: European Borders Title: The Transborder Immigrant Tool
Artist: Electronic Disturbance Theater
Date: 2012
Subject: Safety of immigrants crossing the border through GPS navigation. Title: Slave Ship
Artist: J.M.W. Turner
Date: 1840
Subject: Slave trade atrocities. Title: Panama Canal Murals
Artist: William B. Van Ingen
Date: 1915
Subject: The construction of the Panama Canal Title: Picture of Western Traders at Yokohama Transporting Merchandise
Artist: Hashimoto Sadahide
Date: 1861
Subject: Globalization Title: Mcdonald's Hamburgers Invade Japan
Artist: Masami Teraoka
Date: 1982
Subject: Clashing of Eastern and Western culture Title: Autobus
Artist: Frida Kahlo
Date: 1929
Subject: Depicting classes of Mexican society. Title: Nasa Space Colony
Artist: Various
Date: 1970
Subject: Prototype Space colonies. Title: Berlin Leopoldplatz Platform
Artist: Suh Yongsun
Date: 2008
Subject: Transport Hub in Berlin Title: Gunpowder Drawing Project
Artist: Cai Guo-Qian
Date: 2011
Subject: Arab perspective on art Title: Shiva as the Lord of the Dance
Artist: Anonymous (India)
Date: 11th Century
Subject: Supreme Being as motion. Title: The Peasant Dance
Artist: Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Date: 1567
Subject: Socio-economic differences expressed through dance. Title: The Little Fourteen-Year Old Dancer
Artist: Edgar Degas
Date: 1879
Subject: Child labourer at the Paris Opera Title: Letter to the World
Artist: Barbara Morgan
Date: 1940
Subject: Martha Graham Title: Impressions of Li Jiang
Artist: Choreographed by Zhang Yimou
Subject: Dance uniting multiple ethnic groups in a similar region. Imigration, Migration, Emigration Moving Goods Land, Sea, Air, and Space People in Motion http://www2.tate.org.uk/intermediaart/borderxing.shtm Videos for fun/warm-up. Themes
Government Control
Debate Worthy
An example of someone living outside the standard rules of behavior.
Using the internet as a tool for Social change.
WSC Connection
Current Events
Travel technology Themes
Internationlization, Westernization, Invasion
The passage of time.
Mixture of modernity and tradition.
Debate Worthy
Example of long term effects of mixing cultures.
Trade and commerce leading to successful development.
Related WSC Stuff
Competition (October Sky)
Transportation mixing old and new. Themes
Socio-economic classes
exploitation of developing countries
mass transit
Debate Worthy
Mexico's socioeconomic composition
women riding to work on mass transit
WSC Connections
Pablo Neruda's Bicycle
Frida Kahlo was riding a bus that collided with a trolley car. Themes
Captured Kinetic Energy
Debate Worthy
This was part of a ballet written by a woman at a time when this was unheard of.
Simple yet powerful
The human condition, people in motion.
WSC Connections
Paper Menagerie
Turbulent Earth
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