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3.6 Obstacles in Talent Development

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Ryan Farrow

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of 3.6 Obstacles in Talent Development

Who is the most powerful and why?
What is the difference between biological age and chronological age and is it considered by coaches?
The impact of this is well documented, what sports have this problem?

How would biological age affect someone's sporting development?

‘Trainability’…is a 25 year old man likely to be as responsive to training as an 11 year old boy? Why/Why not?

What is the ‘FUNdamental’ phase of development and what should be worked on here?

5-11 years old – work on the ABC’s regardless of maturation

If a coach doesn’t work on these and just leaves players to play games, small sided or full sided, would development be affected? Why?

Foundation phase – males 6-12, females 5-11.

Why the difference?

Work on ABC’s, fundamental movements within a sport and an introduction to mental and physical preparation, play lots of different sports

Performance phase – males 12-18, females 11-18
Build fitness, strength etc tactical understanding of the game, work on preparation, focus more on winnin
Recreation phase – 18+ for males and females
Refine and develop skills to improve performance
In Groups
How might being ‘the big kid’ for your age impact on your development?

How might being ‘the little kid’ for your age impact on your development?

Try to come up with recommendations for coaches to help prevent a persons age having a detrimental impact on their development

5 minutes to come up with ideas with 5 minutes to discuss these

These can come at any time in any sport through freakish accidents or terrible collisions, can you think of examples?
Does it only impact on a persons physical development
Who here has had an injury through sport? Did it effect your development?
A UK sport study in 2005 suggested as many as 16% of young talented athletes may have had their sporting careers ended due to injury

Like many trauma victims, when David Busst is asked to describe the events of Saturday, April 8, 1996, at Old Trafford, his mind's eye operates in slow motion. "Eighty seconds gone and we force a corner . . . I trot up from central defence to take up my usual position at the back post . . . the ball curls in . . .Noel Whelan heads it goalwards . . . Peter Schmeichel parries and I slide in with Brian McClair and Denis Irwin . . . I manage to get my toe to the ball first . . . and that's when the screaming started.“

22 operations later he was told ‘your lucky we didn’t have to amputate it’

On the brink of his Manchester United first team debut he suffered a career ending tackle forcing him to retire from the game

After being forced to leave football he attended Leeds University

He was awarded £4.5m in compensation, is this common?

Raphael Nadal, Tiger Woods, Eduardo, Michael Johnson, Aaron Ramsey, Ledley King, Owen Hargreaves, Andrew Flintoff, Jonny Wilkinson

These are just some of the many athletes who’s development has been heavily affected by injury. Have these injuries been overcome or are they still problems? Explain….

In many cases if injuries can’t be overcome they can be worked around however, what will determine the effectiveness of this
Testing for injury
Muscle group?
Highlighted Muscle?
What are the muscles in this group?
What should be considered when a injury occurs?

What should coaches do for their players to prevent injuries impacting heavily on a players development?

If you have time…

A rugby player breaks their ankle at 19 years old during a match. What should be done? What should their rehabilitation programme include and why?

5 minutes to write down your ideas and discuss the task

This is said to be one of the most common reasons for dropout in sport at a range of levels

This can be down to stereotyping. What stereotypes are there in sport?

How can these stereotypes impact on sport?

How could a persons family or group of friends impact on a persons sporting development?

Can this be overcome? How?

What aspects of a sportsperson's development can be affected by injury?

What can be done to help minimalize the impact of injury on a players development?

How might age affect a players development?

Why is this a problem and can it be overcome?

How can a peer pressure affect a persons development?

What can be done to overcome this problem?

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