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Big Picture vs. Detailed

No description

Sarah Berardo

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Big Picture vs. Detailed

Big Picture vs Detail Oriented
A little bit about me...
Are you big picture or detailed oriented?
Fact or fiction?
Find the duck!
Left brain or right brain?
The Dancer
How accurate is it?
The terms left-brain and right-brain dominant personalities have no scientific basis - we don't use one side of our brain more than another
Quizzes are a lot of fun and can give an indication as to our personalities, but the way we choose to spend our spare time or the tasks we prefer to perform can be just as accurate an indicator.
Despite the results of personality tests...
Can't see the woods for the trees?
How we choose to spend our spare time can say a lot about us...
Are you logical, detail oriented and analytical - left brain
Or do you see the "big picture" and are creative, thoughtful and artistic - right brain
If you saw the dancer turning clockwise it is said that you use more of the right side of your brain (big picture) and vice-versa.
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