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Marketing Mix Assiment


Hewan Wossene

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Mix Assiment

Marketing Mix
Hewan, Rachel, Yusuf

Product Mix
Price Mix

-Samsung launched its first mobile phone in 1988 with the South Korean Markets
- Sales were really low and in the early 1990's. oterela had a market share of over 60% in the countries mobile phone.
-Similar to the consumer profile we did in class , many products of Samsung such as cameras, camcorders , SMART cameras, Galaxy cameras, SMART camcorders , computers , home appliances and accessories .


Whirlpool Washer
Best Buy
Suwon, South Korea
Retail Store
$860 - $978
Place Mix
Promotional Mix


$548 - $748
$448 - $848
These days , phones and electronics are something that youth want . So an example would be from age wise , Age 13 and up . Cameras would be something for people who travel and artists .
Two competitors that Samsung usually face are Sony and Apple. These companies usually make similar products. So basically depends on what quality is better and which one is affordable as to who will buy these products .

Apple is probably the highest/business
in the world. The South Korean market
is able to bring in products to the marker much faster. So other companies need to watch out for this and resolve to become a better successful company.
Samsung Samsung slogans: “Samsung turn on tomorrow” “Something BIG is coming” “Samsung takes on a solar challenge” “It is designed for human”
Samsung has a “passion for fresh contest” Sears and samsung have teamed up to offer one lucky winner and amazing prize that consists of a samsung stainless steel 30 self-cleaning double oven, electric slide range with an approximate value of $2700.
Samsung makes every electronic devices. Mobile, smartphones, TV’s, PC’s, office devices, cameras, camcorder, home appliances, and storage app.
Samsung portrays to the public by showing their strengths on what kind of service Samsung can provide for our consumers. One thing that makes Samsung unique is that its corporation is known worldwide as a very competitive company by it’s unique way of understanding customers needs and prompt, answer their needs, not only that but, strive to provide their best products to their customers.
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