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Motivating and engaging learners

No description

Robert Paddock

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Motivating and engaging learners

Today's assignment:
lessons learned
lesson 1
lesson 2
lesson 3
lesson 4
lesson 5
lesson 6
lesson 7
lesson 8
Separate elements
Motivating and Engaging Online Learners

Learner motivation
Learning design
Support and coaching
Questions & Answers
"Just tell me what I need to know"
"This is a required course"
"I fear change"
Extrinsic & Intrinsic
Premier online education company that partners with prestigious universities to offer online courses
Launched 2007
Educated 26,000 learners
130 full-time staff
50 expert course instructors
52 short courses
Planning for 1 PG Dip and 1 Adv Dip in 2015
94% completion rate
"This is going to make my life easier"
"I'm a really curious personality"
"I love teaching others"
Interested in the topic for its own sake, or have a problem to solve
Motivated by outside reward or punishment
Thank the learning gods
Provide optional activities and extra readings
Create collaborative exercises for your learners
Try to link back to relevant, real-world context
Avoid extensive theory and background
Not always possible
Think about time
Start with the end in mind
Balance instruction with active engagement
Scaffolding and zone of proximal development
Learning is enhanced when it is done in collaboration with others. GetSmarter facilitates social learning through incorporating rich discussion and community-building tools into the learning experience.
GetSmarter leverages the latest advances in online learning technologies to offer a rich and engaging learning experience. All learning activities result in data that is analysed and used to inform learning design decisions, remediation strategies and support.
High-touch support
Even the most dedicated learners can experience difficulties in staying focused during their studies. GetSmarter's high-touch support model dramatically increases learner motivation and completion rates through personalised support from dedicated course coaches. Furthermore, learners have ongoing access to Instructors, who are experts in their respective fields.
GetSmarter’s modular, goal-orientated course structure creates a disciplined approach to learning. Learners are given regular, achievable milestones to ensure that their goals are realised and their motivation is maintained.
Pedagogically-driven learning design:
Underpinning GetSmarter's online learning model is a predominantly constructivist approach to learning design. The learner is seen as an active participant in creating knowledge, and learning activities focus on engagement rather than instruction.
Applied learning
To encourage meaningful learning, knowledge needs to have practical application and relevance. GetSmarter takes a proactive approach to designing learning activities around real world situations to foster relevant, concrete skills development.
Understand your learner
Regular assessment
Up to 40%
Timely access to instructors and tutors
Timely access to technical support
Proactive and reactive interactions
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